Trough Gardening

 Waiting their turn.

 Teddy and I get up in the middle of the night so she can spend time outside before the heat arrives.  We've been having sunny 90 degree weather and it is just awful.  And of course, my air conditioning broke.

 I water just as the sun comes up.

 I am concentrating on my troughs and some new tomato planters.

 I'll be planting the lower garden and the one next door but the troughs and planters get done first.

 I'm planting lots of peppers which I hope to roast and turn into sauces like the Korean one I mentioned yesterday, gochujang.

 I've planted most of the flower planters too.

 Lettuces and kale.  This planter provides just enough for us to have fresh salads through the summer.

Teddy finds a dry spot. 
 I planted hot peppers in one trough and sweet ones in another.

 My bay trees and olive wintered over very well in my garden room.  I love having fresh bay leaves available all year long.

 Yesterday was the last day for feeding the kids for this term.  They are off for 5 weeks and then the summer program begins.  They requested pancakes for their last meal.  And good maple syrup.

 I made over 100 pancakes yesterday in my kitchen which must have been 120 degrees.  Blah!

The kids ate every last one of them.


Anonymous said…
you have been so busy! Your gardens look great, I hd a bay plant for years but my fiend brought her dog when she came to visit all the time and her dog peed on it everytime they came , I never saw him until it was too late, so my Bay plant died the summer of 99', it was 15 years old. The dog died in 2004, he was a cutie but I never got over him killing my Bay, lol,,,
100 pancakes, in that heat, you surly must have wings,,because an angel you are.
Craig said…
It looks superb. I can't believe how quickly you guys go from winter to high summer. What happened to spring? We were ahead of you but now way behind. It's still only in the low 50's here by day. Sigh. Teddy has the right idea... let those stupid humans work up a sweat while I just lay here and chill out!
Anonymous said…
Even though I don't want it to be that warm here, 90 is something we rarelky reach here during the hottest summers, I still is a bit envious. We'll have frost tonight so planting anything outside for anothet month is probably impossible.

I'm not sure I wouold have survived making pancakes in that temperature :-) I so understand those kids and that there was nothing left :-)

Have a great day despite the heat!
Heritage Hall said…
We are back to 90 also. Your
plantings are marvelous.

Re: Children - You are a Saint, even though the kitchen heat may not have felt like Heaven

Love how Teddy always finds the
"right" spot.

Susan said…
I love Teddy's little back paw sticking out...our temperatures shot right up to summer, too. I try to water very early and in the evening. Love the trough planters - plenty of soil for root growth! I also love your lettuce planter. I am thinking of putting lettuce in something like that - at least the rabbits can't reach it!
You sent those kids off with a great feast!
Pancakes look yummy. I can't believe Teddy found a dry spot with you out there watering everything. Your plants are looking good. Hope your air conditioning is up and running soon. It was 86 here. HOT! HOT! HOT!. Think we skipped spring and went straight to summer.
Guillaume said…
Spring, garden, pancakes... Heaven!
Kay said…
You're an amazing gardener and an amazing cook. Darn! Now I'm hungry again! I always get hungry when I visit your blog.
Jim said…
YUMMY pancakes! And beautiful planters/troughs!
The gardens are looking better and better, are the pancakes.
Have a happy Mother's Day! :)
Rue said…
We are getting warmer weather too, but not quite the 90's that you are getting in the East. What a strange few months you have had!

I just bought tomato seedlings at the farmers market yesterday, and they are quite tiny. Another few days in pots, and then in to the garden. It should hit the high mid 80's here in the West, so as long as the nights don't get too cold, we are good to go for veggie planting!
chickpea678 said…
You are such a good egg cooking for these children. Your garden also looks great. I can't believe you are planning to make homemade gochu jang!