A Garden Totem

 I made another garden totem.

 With a little chick inside.

 All of the recent totems will be going in the community garden.

 They will take as many as I can make.

I am a happy totem maker. These things are so much fun to put together and now I have a place to put them all.  The piece under the chick is rainbow glass which is so beautiful when sunlight hits it.


That totem is gorgeous. And the sweet little chick just adds to it's charm. A fun project for sure.
laurie said…
they are beautiful, I can't wait to see more!
Texan said…
I always enjoy seeing the garden totems you make. :O)
Jeri Landers said…
These are really quite beautiful! I just toured your garden in below post. Your woodsy gardens feel so cool and secret, I love them. And to get a peek at your marvelous house, wow! Is yours a vintage house? Everything in your landscape seems so wonderfully aged and peaceful, almost like a Currier and Ives painting. I really admire your style.
Craig said…
They really are most unusual and lovely. I've never seen anything like it in Europe. There is a market for them here!
I don't think I've seen anything like it over here, too bad because they are both beautiful and original! and one can make them oneself too!

Have a great day!
That's a particularly lovely one!
Guillaume said…
For me a totem is made of wood and there is an eagle, a beaver and a wolf or fox in it.
Barb said…
That is just perfect wit the little chick inside!
Mary Ann said…
I have not seen these before... wow!
You're taking them where? Are they having some sort of garden show? and do we get to go with you and see it? Just askin'.. not begging or anything like that. :):)
So very beautiful, you are very talented! And how wonderful that they will be in the community garden for many people to enjoy.
Kay said…
These are so wonderful! I can imagine how gorgeous they'd be in a garden.