After the Rain

 We finally got a nice heavy rain last night.

 You could almost see the gardens plump up like a sponge. (The candy corn vine)

 Lots of clematis blooms.

 Teddy was not happy that her patio was damp when she went out this morning.

 I have lots of little green tomatoes now.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are blooming.  My allergies are about to be very bad.

 I haven't decided what to do with this greenhouse yet.  I need to paint it and then I will figure out what to do with it.

 Hmmm...what is that little cream spot by the boxwoods?


I love wind chimes and have them all over the gardens.


Everything looks so beautiful, lush and green!
SHERRY said…
You have the most beautiful house and gardens. Like living in a park.
And then there is the most precious Teddy. Certainly the queen of this castle.
Susan said…
I know what you mean - we have finally had good rain and it's like the garden is finally letting out its breath! Teddy is so fluffy and gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I figured out what is that makes your garden so unique, its the fact that it looks wild and planted by nature but yet it looks planned and so beautifully structured, its wild but tame,
I know I make no sense,

I'm really glad the rain came,
Craig said…
I like the layers in your garden. As if nature intended and yet I'm sure the result of much planning and hard work! Nothing like a good natural rain to help the garden. Poor Teddy!
Anonymous said…
It looks so beautiful in Your garden! Rain, even little of it always make the plants grow much better and look so beautiful.

I thought my tomatoes might have met their death this morning since we had frost and it feels like we'll have it tonight again.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I repeat myself, but I envy you for such a beautiful garden. And your gardening skills. My parents have clematis at home, they cover the walls of the house. Absolutely gorgeous.
1st Man said…
Just beautiful. You know, your wind chimes make me think, I love the 'one' that we have on the porch at the farm (ha) but I always associate wind chimes with porches...never thought about just having them scattered around the property. It must sound lovely! Thanks for the idea!
Barb said…
Everything looks so healthy and green. We are in desperate need of rain. The fires have already started.
My favorite posts of yours are about your gardens.....I love, love , love them!!! As for rain, we have been getting torrential downpours on a regular basis. We are quite soggy around here!
Anonymous said…
Your garden is so beautiful and I love the compositions of pots. Have a magical day and a big hug for Teddy !!
Leeanna said…
David has said that if I buy one more windchime he would divorce me. Aahahaahahahaaa! Poor man.
I love your garden. It's so lush and beautiful. I bet the plants made a collective sigh with the rain. I tried to send the rain sooner, but I was busy.
sandra said…
I'm Droolingggg!!! Everything looks Gorgeous!!!
Kay said…
Oh my! Everything looks so lush and beautiful. Spring is busting out all over!
It clouded up, got cooler after being 105 for several days...then it all burned off and not a drop of rain fell. It's so sad. I'm so glad your lovely gardens got a good watering. It's all gorgeous. Honest...I'm trying not to be jealous..or is that "envious"... :) Well..I'm glad someone is getting a bit of water...
All those pretty new plantings...and those ferns!
Just so lush and pretty.
Mary Ann said…
Oh, your gardens are so beautiful!
Jim said…
Nothing like a good rain to leave a garden very happy!
At least the dampness was a little cooler for Teddy to go exploring.