Getting Ready for Fall

 Hey Teddy, do you want to do some crafts?

 I am cleaning my garage, what a chore.  I keep getting distracted by things I am finding in there. I found this old pumpkin tea light holder which I had used outside years ago and it was very weathered.  So Teddy and I took it apart and spray painted it.

 I also made a fariy crown for one of my little friends.

 I came across my metal witches and stuck them in my planters.

So shoot me!  I know, I am rushing Summer.  I went to the craft store the other day and they had all of their Fall stuff out so I figured it's okay to start. When my friend Kary was alive, we moved the start date up earlier each year.
Good as new and ready for some candles.
 Here is a tip for working outside.  Light some incense.  Bugs hate incense and will stay far away.

 I've covered my dying tree with these Black Eyed Susan vines.  If you want a a wonderful climber with lots of blooms, try these vines.  I have them in white, orange and yellow.

 My house is going to be painted in the next few weeks.  I removed this Wisteria that was growing on the back corner of the house.  If you look closely you can see the vine grew around and choked the training pole I originally put up for it.

It pulled the brace right out of the wall.  I seriously think I would never plant Wisteria again; at least not against the house.  It's pretty for a short period when it blooms and then it is a pain the rest if the time.


The pumpkin tea light holder looks fabulous after you gave it some TLC. What a clever idea about the incense. Who knew? The fairy crown is precious. What a lucky little girl. You are definitely not rushing the season. I have pumpkins on my mind here too. The witches are the perfect touch to add the upcoming season to your garden. I never knew Wisteria is such a pain in the rear. Something to steer clear of, for sure. TEDDY looks like she is ready to tackle any and all crafts. What has she put her pawprints on?
I have black-eyed susan vines on my garden fence. This year I found them in yellow, orange and red. If only they came back each year. It seems that those vines who do end up being terribly invasive. For instance....trumpet vines...just like wisteria go crazy and invade every nook and cranny. They look lovely, but are hard to tame!
laurie said…
you will be happy now, planning for Fall. lol, no on edoes 'Autumn ' like you do!
Ha ha, only you would start preparing for autumn on June 30th!
Craig said…
Good job on the repaint job! It'll be a big job painting the house - I bet you are dreading it!
Leeanna said…
I see absolutely nothing wrong with starting autumn early. Maybe Mother Nature will follow.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Greetings Joyce, I have a hunch Miss Teddy is ready for Fall! Here in New England summer is just getting underway...The Black eyed Susan vine is one of my garden favorites...It is always fun to unearth treasures that you have forgotten about, you know I happened to think of Kary the other day and actually went back and read from her blog...I miss her postings...Well, back to the gardens...oh and PS I do believe I am a witch...Hugs...
Long time since I had Black Eyed Susan here, we need to start them so earky here (indoors) if we'll get any flowers on them and I usually don't have the space for them but I do like them a lot! I've read that it's actually a perennial so if one can keep them cool but not cold during winter they will be even more impressive next year.

I like that pumkin light holder!

My Wisteria usually freeze down every year so I have no rpoblems on having them on the wall to my cottage :-) It never flowers either since it has to start from the roots again every spring :-)

Have a great day!
SHERRY said…
I say its never to earlier for the witches to come out. What better place than to display them in your lovely garden.
Guillaume said…
Oh I so want to have that witch! I am not exactly rushing summer like you, but I still long for autumn and already preparing for Halloween:
SHERRY said…
Hard to tell the dimensions of the wisteria vine, but if not too big, it would make a great witches staff with a little embellishment from your talented hands.
Cottage Tails said…
I just love your fall decorating and smiled seeing you have begun.
My first Hellebore has bloomed - winter's rose.
Jim said…
For a second I thought maybe you had moved north! I mean really NORTH! lol
We wish our Wisteria was a pain. It is so slow growing in our climate zone of 5A. But we do mange to get a few blossoms the past couple of years. No worries here of it 'taking over' anything.
Barb said…
I am so sick of the nasty heat, I am ready to skip fall(my favorite season) and go right to winter!!!!
Kay said…
I love seeing wisteria, but I didn't realize the vines were so huge. That must have been a lot of work to remove.