We finally got a bit of rain.  It's been so dry that my weeds were wilting.  It's hard to believe it isn't even Summer and we've consistently been in the upper 80's and 90's here for over a month.
 It's been a good year to use these self watering planters.

 My little driveway garden is doing okay though the eggplants aren't growing much.

 The blueberries are starting to turn blue!

 Fall flowering Clematis grows well when you plant it in the right place.  My house will be painted soon which I am dreading.  Workmen will be crawling all over this place and Teddy will go crazy.  And lots of plants will be trampled and cut back.  This one will be cut to the quick long before it gets a chance to bloom.

 Day Lily explosion about to happen.

 They are saying that more rain is on the way.  I sure hope so.

 Somehow watering never replaces rain.

 Have you ever seen weedier grass?  I don't use chemicals but even if I did, living in the city you deal with weeds.  Neighbors in the city never use chemlawn let alone take care of their lawns at all.  So, everyone has weeds.

 Back of the garage.

 I'm painting the fountain.  It should be running this coming week.

 This is Teddy's favorite rolling place.

Hydrangeas will be blooming soon.  I hope things are green wherever you live!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations to the rain :-) It is dry when even the weeds starts to give up :-)

My blueberries are just starting to flower here :-) but at least all bushes flower at the same time this year so I hope for lots of berries this time, it has been so, so before.

Your gardens look just amazing!

Have a great day!
Kev Alviti said…
Things are green here as well, your garden looks a great place to be, such a nice spot.
Hurray! I see the Halloween Countdown app is back on your sidebar!
Craig said…
The garden looks beautiful after a small amount of rain. It looks like quite a shady garden, even if the sun was out... or is that an illusion?
Guillaume said…
Cool, blueberries!
Nellie said…
We use no chemicals here, either! It goes right to the ground water! Yuck! We already have blueberries - not many, but picked a very few yesterday! We could use some rain as well.
Cottage Tails said…
we have had rain and cold wind all week so been loving the sunshine yesterday. The garden does do better with real rain. As for weeds my family knows the ones not to mow or run over... dandelions and chickweed are wonderful wild weed herbs.
sandra said…
I'll take your weedy grass if I can have everything else around it as well,lol! Your property seems to just get more and more beautiful every time you post!! I LOVE your mushrooms!!! and...EVERYTHING else! :}
Barb said…
Everything looks wonderful even if the rain has been scarce. We still have had none!
Gemmagirl said…
A beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing.
Everything is flourishing in your garden. It looks enchanting. I bet even more so in the rain.
Kay said…
Even without water your garden looks lush and luxurious. I love it that you're getting blueberries because it's one of my favorite fruits.
Susan said…
Knowing how perverse the Universe is, it should start raining steadily just about the same time the house painters arrive. Or so Teddy hopes....
Ms Misantropia said…
Oh yes, I see weedier lawns daily. You wouldn't believe it, but we've let our lawn turn into a field - there just wasn't any other solution.
Can't you have someone come and cut your plants back that won't just hack them? Painters just CUT with no regard other than to clear them from the house so they can paint! At least that was my experience. Sometimes they can just pull it away from the house and cover it with tarps..then replace it. Now I'm all concerned...you would think it was MY home for pete's sake!!! Just seems they everything should not have to be cut right as it's at it's height of blooming.. Sad!!
What color are you having the house painted?