We finally got rain.  It's been a rainy Spring in many places but it kept missing us.  I was watering the gardens way more than I should have been for this time of year. So finally I am getting a bit of a break.
 And it is Day Lily season.

 The rain made my Oakleafs sag.

 Teddy is not happy.  She lays under her umbrella even though the rain is blowing in under it.

 It's good for the veggies though.  I have lots of tomatoes now.

 And peppers.

 Evn the jalapenos are growing.

 I was so excited to see my first eggplant until I went out this morning and saw that the wind had snapped it off, bummer.

My clematis is weighed down too.
 I'll enjoy the rain while we have it.

It's back to the 90's for the weekend.


Mother Nature can be tender and sweet to the veggies and flowers. But here we have flooding everywhere. The roads are blocked. Bleachers and ball diamonds are underwater. In empty fields there are now lakes. Sad and scary. Teddy looks relaxed end cool inspite of weather.
Rain is always welcome!
Anonymous said…
It is amazing how plants sudedenly grow like crazy when a rain passes by, even if we have been watering like crazy all the time it hasn't rained :-)

That lily is amazing!

I have lots of tomatos growing too, all they need is a bit warmer weather than we've had these last days.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
the rain combines with your warm temps is making your gardens a jungle!! they are so lush and lovely!
The caraway rolls sound wonderful, I really like caraway seeds,
Craig said…
Nothing like natural rainfall to help a garden look it's best and yours certainly does look great. Poor Teddy!
Cottage Tails said…
I bet your garden soaked up the rain.
Guillaume said…
It is always nice to have rain in a long drought. Rainy summer days were Call of Cthulhu days for my brothers and I.
Barb said…
I don't think my plants would mind being weighed down a bit if they could have a good rain. Yours look good and healthy.
We have a nasty thing out here with daylilies. A bug hatches it's eggs in the early buds and causes them to be very deformed. I hate using a spray but one of my plants has taken a beating this year. I hate to pull the buds off the plants but that's the only thing I can do. I hope it stays away from you part of the world!
Everything looks so fresh and pretty after a rain. I wish there was some magic words that would make rain happen out here in the West. the front lawn is struggling. It's all just gorgeous!!
1st Man said…
YAY for you! You might get some more as the remnants of "Bill" move off toward that direction. Garden is looking beautiful!!
Oh Joyce, if we ever get any rain again here..people are going to be running around outside saying "God is coming, God is coming!" It's about that bad. *sigh*
Jim said…
I love a summer rain! And so do our plants, eh?
It all looks so good!!