Stuffed Asian Pancakes

I made these for everyone's lunches yesterday.
Teddy waits patiently while I cook.
 Mix 1 cup water, 3 T. oil, 1 tsp. salt and 2-1/2 to 3 cups of flour  and knead until you have a nice smooth ball of dough.  Cover it while you make the filling.

 It seems that I lost some pics along the way.  Place 1 pound of pork or beef in a bowl and add 1 several sliced green onions,  as much diced garlic and ginger as you like, fresh cilantro and some salt and pepper.  Mix this thoroughly.  Cut the dough into 8 pieces and roll each piece out on a floured surface. Place 1/8 of the meat mixture in the center of each disk.

 Pull the sides up and pinch it together to cover the filling.

 Roll it out flat.
Cook it in a bit of sesame and canola oil until it turns golden.
Drain them on paper towels.

 I wrapped them up with small containers of dumpling sauce for dipping. These were a huge lunchtime hit with my family.


Anonymous said…
this sounds wonderful!
Ms Misantropia said…
This looks lovely, and like a quicker version of the (very time consuming) Russian pirogi. I might have to try it next week :)
Anonymous said…
This is sort of something between a pirogi and crepes. I like both so I really must like these too then :-) A must try!

Have a great day!
Craig said…
New to me and look/sound lovely. No wonder they were a hit
Guillaume said…
Original... An Asian pancake.
Jim said…
I can see why they would be a hit! You are so adventurous with your cooking. My mother was the same way....she would try anything....once.
I bet they were a big lunchtime treat. Looks delicious. What is in dumpling sauce?
Well, I can see why it's a big hit... :) It's a big hit with me and I haven't even tasted it!