What's Blooming

Well, it is officially Summer and lots of plants are lush and blooming.                                                                 
 We had such a dry Spring until recently.  I haven't watered in over a week.

 Though we are about to be very hot and humid again, rain is still in the forecast so no watering for this week either.

I can't remember ever having this many 90 degree days before Summer even started.
It makes for a very long summer.
 I guess there is always a possibility that July and August might be cooler. Why do I doubt that though?

 Do you see the pink tinge on the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas?  Right on time, as soon as Summer starts the blossoms turn pink.  That is when I know Autumn is officially on the way.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful flowers!

It is the polar vortex that gives us this cool and rainy summer. I guess it isn't more than right that we get it since it locked itself over north eastern America during the winter :-)

Have a great day!
Mary Ann said…
Oh, gosh, a friend is already counting down to autumn on her blog, and I created my "Autumn 2015" Pinterest board just yesterday!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures.
Barb said…
Autumns on it's way. That's what I call positive thinking. We are still dry as a bone with no rain in the 10 day forecast, but lots of days in the high 80's and low 90's. I moved here to get away from hot summers. I really hate this weather!!!!!!! but all your flowers are beautiful!
That is interesting that the pink tinge on the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas let's you know Autumn is officially on the way. I didn't know that. It has been hot here too.
I know Autumn is on the way by the number of Fall pumpkins in your sidebar..not to mention that wonderful counter of days until Halloween. :)
The flowers are beautiful!! Of course they are..
Barb said…
Such beautiful flowers! I just heard on the news that they are predicting 95 on the 4th of July. That would be the hottest 4th of July ever out here. I have 6 friends coming and no AC!!!!! I HATE summer right now. I can't even remember when we had any measurable rain and No snow left in the mountains.
Kay said…
Wow! They look absolutely beautiful.