A Gift For Friends

 I have a friend that does not cook.  I don't think she can even make a bowl of cereal.  She had relatives coming to visit from South America and I couldn't stand the idea that they would arrive at her house and have no food.  So, I cooked for them. Yesterday was not a good day to have the ovens on but what are you going to do?  I made them lots of chocolate chip cookies.

 And wrapped them in boxes.

 I made a loaf of rosemary bread.

And a peach cobbler.
 And a giant tian.

All wrapped up and delivered.  I am cooking for the kids this morning so I got up at 3:00am to get it done before the horrible heat moves in.  And to let Teddy get some outside time before the sun comes up. Yesterday was the hottest day we've had in four years and today is going to be worse.  FALL????  Are you out there somewhere????


Craig said…
What a lucky friend! The food looks spectacular. I hope that your severe heat passes soon.
Anonymous said…
you are so good to your friends, I bet they were royally impressed! Looks delicious,
Susan said…
Can I be your friend? :) I get so much more done before 5 in the morning, but the heat is really ramping up. I am ready for fall. More than ready.
Mary Ann said…
After 106 in the shade here yesterday, it is 75 this morning! Going to go to the 80's only... we had rain overnight. The sun is coming out right now, though, so beware! Your food looks so good!
Ian's Girl said…
I hear ya. Except for lightning bugs and flowers, I could happily skip summer altogether. I am several states south of you down South, and it has been even more humid than usual this year.

I water my baskets and containers three times a day and they're still burning up. I think they're actually steaming to death.
Kay said…
You are absolutely the most incredible cook, baker and FRIEND ever!!! Don't you want to move to Hawaii? Then again... it's hot and humid right now over here too.
Your home made cookies and your other home made food looks so very delicious. Wow....you are a really good friend to your neighbor who doesn't cook.

It is awfully hot where I live at too - we have been having very hot humid weather for the last two weeks without any breaks at all. I have been staying inside as well. Hope you are staying cool with your A/C.

Happy Cooking
Linda K
Guillaume said…
Oh that looks SO good. It reminds me of the brioches my Swedish sister (the foreign exchange student who came to live with us for a year) used to bake for us. Pure bliss. we ate them playing Dungeons & Dragons (I know I often mention the game here) and it just made the whole experience all the more pleasurable.
What a delightful way to welcome vistors. The food looks divine. And presentation is everything. And to put all the homemade goodies in boxes is lovely, indeed. Glad Teddy could enjoy the cool morning air.
chickpea678 said…
Wow. You sure are a good friend. What a fabulous delivery!