Bountiful Gardens

 My hydrangeas are the size of basketballs this year.  Some things responded very well to all the rain we had this summer.

 The potting table is beginning to take on a Fall look.

 The witch keeps watch over the lush gardens.

 The feher ozon peppers are terrific this year.

 Surprise peppers.  I forgot to mark these when I planted them. I'm sure at the time I thought I would remember what they are but of course I don't.

 I don't remember this happening before but most of my tomatoes seem to be ripening at the same pace.  I think they will all be ready to pick at the same time.


 This was a weird summer for peppers too.  My plants are like 4 feet high but only now producing peppers.  These are poblanos.

Not a bad year for the garden but not great either.
 My planters floweth over.

And look at the size of the hydrangea plants.  They are gianormous.


Anonymous said…
Looks as if You'll get plenty of vegetables!

To my big surprise my tomatoes ripen already now! I can pick a few every other day now despite the cold weather we've had. I willalso, to my even bigger surprise, get squash this year! I thought I only had female flowers so far but suddenly I found a few small squash's :-) I'm pretty sure I won't get any pumpkins though, they haven't even started to show any buds so far :-) Next year I'll try peppers again I think.

Have a great day!
Craig said…
Everything looks lush and gorgeous. Those dark (brown?) tomatoes look amazing. Very theatrical.
My kitchen garden is not doing very good this year - too hot I guess.
Ginormous, indeed. The veggies look wonderful.
Leeanna said…
We had so many tomatoes that I had to can them. I made stewed tomatoes, and sauce and I even made a container of salsa. We are picking something like 3 to 4 of the vines a day.

You have beautiful veggies, awesome peppers. Next year I want to grow jalapeno peppers and bells along with my tomatoes. Your hydrangeas are to die for, woman.
Nellie said…
Envious of your hydrangeas! Ours haven't done well this summer - nor has the garden. Perhaps next year!
Barb said…
The gardens look wonderful!Still no rain here. I have my hydrangeas on a drip system but they still need additional water.
Guillaume said…
Bountiful garden. it puts me in a harvest, autumnal and Halloween mood reading you.

Oh and you inspired me tonight's blog post.
Susan said…
Beautiful! Those pepper plants are amazing!!
Jeri Landers said…
Everything looks lush and healthy. You did a wonderful job on your gardens. I venture to say, all those peppers will make a way into your great cuisine.
Rue said…
I've had a very good/very bad garden year too. Strange but interesting. All kinds of volunteer plants, oddities, and failures. Good learning experience anyway.