Free Garden Totems

 Just a short post today because we are heading out to the countryside to forage. We will be looking for small roadside stands selling local vegetables and fruit.  These trips are always so much fun.  Lately, I have been pumping out garden totems to donate to a local store that gives away everything for free. 
 People drop off things they can no longer use and the store is open to the community for free shopping.

I don't know what it is about garden totems but people just love them.  I've been told that most people put my totems in their house rather than in their garden.  I get a kick out of making something out of old glass that people treasure.  Okay, time to get to the farms for me!


Anonymous said…
Those totems are very special and something you can't find everywhere so I'm not surprised people love them!

Have a fun trip!

You do have a special way with those glass totems!
Anonymous said…
each one is a masterpiece, I had never heard of them until I found you and your blog, they look beautiful among the greens in the garden, because they are clear it adds to their, illusion in the garden!!
Craig said…
NO wonder they love them, they're beautiful. Happy hunting!
Leeanna said…
Can't wait to see the pictures of the foraging trip. You have such a great eye for design. No wonder everyone loves your totems.
Guillaume said…
I didn't know about glasses totems until I saw your blog.
Barb said…
Happy farm shopping! I think your totems are beautiful!
The one with the little rooster is so cute. I tried gathering up some glass items..gonna make one of those..not sure when though. :)
Sandy said…

I love your totems, and could understand why people put them in their homes instead of their gardens. Enjoy the farmers markets, we went yesterday and picked up some squash (since the squash bugs got mine), and honey.
Your totems would make a lovely focal point for any room. I think I'd prefer them indoors too. They are so beautiful. You are such a sweetheart for donating them.