Friday, July 17, 2015

Italian Wedding Soup

I roast free range chickens for Teddy all of the time and I just can't bring myself to throw the carcasses away without first making stock.  I have so much frozen chicken stock that I am trying to find ways to use it up.  Italian wedding soup is a very good way.
First make a bunch of your favorite meatballs.  Don't precook them.

Saute' 1 large diced onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil.
Add a large bunch of cleaned spinach.
Cook stirring until it wilts.
Add about 8 cups of chicken stock and some salt and pepper.

Add the raw meatballs and simmer them for about 20 minutes.

Mix 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese with 2 eggs.

Drop it by spoonfuls on top of the soup.  Let it sit for a couple minutes.
Slowly stir it into the soup.

*  I just came back and added this on because I left it out when I posted this, add 1 cup of Acini Di Pepe pasta(tiny little balls) or any small pasta you like. Cook at a simmer for 10 more minutes until the pasta is cooked through.

Serve with a sprinkling of extra parmesan.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Makes me want to find an Italian and get married.

thecottagebythecranelakethree said...

This looks delicious!

It's a bit fun because when we boil meatballs we call them frikadeller and when we fry them we call them köttbullar, when the Danes fry them they call them frikadeller but when they boil them they call them köttbullar :-) No matter what they are called here I do like them both ways so this is most likely something I'll do when autumn and soup weather comes :-)

Have a great day!


Craig said...

Oh yum... another print out for my recipe file. We too always make stock from a roast chicken. We make our own minestrone which I love but have never tried this. But I certainly will soon!

Gatekeeper said...

Hmmm. Grandma use to cook it. Could never get it close to hers.

greekwitch said...

This is a lot like a soup we have here called giouvarlakia, have you ever heard of it? You might like it. I hate soups but this one , potato soup and greek bean soup are the only ones i eat.


This is one of my hubby's favorite soups. Going to have to steal your recipe. It looks simple and sounds delicious.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Last winter was my first time to have this soup. It's wonderful - Can you share your stock recipe sometime. Thanks!

Guillaume said...

Che bella zuppa!

laurie said...


Linda said...

Sounds absolutely delicious - must try this!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I'll take some of that stock off your hands! ;)
Your soup looks amazing and it's cold enough at the cottage that I want soup for dinner!

Barbara F. said...

My favorite soup. Love the acini di pepe pasta in it, too. I sometimes use escarole instead of spinach. So good this soup.