Maionese: Brazilian Potato Salad

Someone asked me to show my side gate and are a couple photos of it.  Click for a better look.

 It's amazing what can be done with iron.

 I have some Brazilian friends that I have been cooking for.  One of them told me she gets cravings for Brazilian food and there is no where to get any.  One of the things I made for them is this Brazilian potato salad called, maionese.  It is very similar to Russian salad which I have shown before.  To make this salad, you have to have lots of patience...or use frozen pre-cut vegetables. These are the carrots I bought at the farmer's market on Saturday. What a difference between local organic and grocery store GMO both in taste and appearance.

 Each vegetables has to be cubed to as close to the same size as possible. Then you boil them until they are al dente.

 I added fresh green beans which you don't always find in the Russian version.

 This took hours between dicing and cooking. These are the red potatoes and fresh eggs I got at the market.

I also added some of my corn which was frozen from last summer.  Time to turn over the stash because this year's corn is about to be ready!  Maionese calls for green olives rather than the pickles which are in the Russian version.  This is one of the most delicious salads ever!  You can find the recipe here:
To make it Brazilian, just add green beans and green olives.


This one reminds a bit of the one we call Legume salad. We don't have potatoes in it though and lots more mayo in ours too I think :-)

That gate is just amazing!

Have a great day!
laurie said…
I did make your Russian salad and it has become a favorite of mine so this will be equally as good, worth the work for sure!
Those snakes should keep everyone out of your private garden!
Nellie said…
How thoughtful of you to make such special food for your Brazilian friends!
Gatekeeper said…
Going to try out the recipe tonight.
Craig said…
Sounds good and good for you with all of those veggies. I suspect that diced frozen veggies would be my choice as I'm lazy!
Connie said…
Oh my goodness, your gate is gorgeous and I love how lush your garden path is behind it. Perfection:)
Connie said…
Oh my goodness, your gate is gorgeous and I love how lush your garden path is behind it. Perfection:)
Cottage Tails said…
Yep organic food tastes soo much like well it is supposed to.
Looks a yummy salald bet your friends were thrilled. LOVE the gate.
Leeanna said…
That gate is awesome!
Your potato salad looks yummy. I gotta try it.
Guillaume said…
Wow! I love the gate!

I love potato salad too. A summertime treat.
Maionese sounds interesting indeed. Like the green olives instead of pickles. Very labor intensive though. But it sounds yummy! Your GATE is absolutely awesome.
chickpea678 said…
Gosh, this all looks so good! How lucky your friend are! I can't believe you grow your own corn!
Kay said…
That is an awesome, unique gate. You are the BEST sort of friend to have! That all looks delicious!