One Hundred Days Until Halloween

 As of today, it is 100 days until Halloween.  It's time to start making this years witch hats. This is one of my favorites from last year.

 It's time to plant mums too.

 I'll be making this years Fall garland and wreath soon.

 We had our first cool evening in a long time last night and I built a nice fire.

Soon I will be hunting for lots of these.
My best decoration is ready to adorn the front porch with her pumpkin minions.


Leeanna said…
My how time flys by.
Now that is a beautiful hat. I have to make a new one for this year too. I have three. But I want more. I'm such a glutton for wicked pretty things.
As for the gardening, David and I are going up to San Marcos this Saturday to look around. I'm going to also pick up some mums and marigolds. Then we will be stopping for fresh veggies at the local farmers market. That alone has picked up my depression and thrown it out the window. I think I just need to get out of the house for a while.
Anonymous said…
Time just flies and we're having more or less autumn weather here now. I could turn off my radiators today though :-)

No mums here yet, I guess they won't show up until early August.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
no one does Autumn and Halloween like you!!!
The official countdown begins!
Craig said…
The hat is brilliant and how regal is your porch with pumpkins, mums and the ever regal Teddy! Gorgeous!
Cottage Tails said…
I can hardly wait to see what you whip up this year with your decorating
Hard to believe it is only 100 days until Halloween--because it is so stinking hot here! Looking forward to cooler temps and fall colors
Guillaume said…
Oh such lovely pictures!

The countdown to Halloween can begin me think. I have started making plans for books to read near autumn, starting in August. I am already reading a sort of ghost story at the moment.
John Gray said…
I love halloween
We just dont " do" it really in Trelawnyd x
John Gray said…
Why on earth would i hate you?
I am just so busy i dont comment on blogs xxxxx
John Gray said…
Why on earth would i hate you?
I am just so busy i dont comment on blogs xxxxx
Barb said…
Teddy looks just great among all those wonderful pumpkins. I am so ready for summer to be gone! It was 93 here last Sun. Of course, very little AC. We don't have it! Today is better, in the 70's.
Can hardly wait. The excitement is mounting for all things pumpkin. Teddy looks picture perfect out there on the porch.
Joyce! Have you heard that we Californian's are supposed to have a WET winter? Of course we will drown in mud, all sorts of things will happen as we are not used to water out here..but I'm already dreaming of a cozy fire in the fireplace..pumpkins...can't wait to see what you and Teddy do to the porch this year! I always feel so much better in winter.
I remember you making a Witches hat for a child. It was beautiful. How you do it all amazes me.
I have to smile because everytime you post a picture of the interior of your home, I find myself wanting to peek around the room and see what that object is that I can only see a part of.
The loveseat is stunning! So are the drapes. I wanted to reach out and see what they were made of, take a closer look, back up to see more....
Rue said…
Yes! Oh, I'm feeling it!