Power Washing

 Is it just me or do we all get used to our environment and not notice things that are right in front of us?

When I posted this recent totem, I saw the condition of my stone table in a way I had not been looking at it before.  It was green!
Not any more!
Even the old potting table is clean.
 I played with the power washer all day.

 I've come to realize that putting a power washer wand in my hand is almost as dangerous as handing me a glue gun.  I go a little crazy.

 I power washed the cloches under the table.

 I washed the stone benches, the fire pit and the glass house.

 It all looks brand spanking new.  I did all of my outdoor furniture too.

 I have cushions on my porch that I have tried to clean using just about everything you can imagine and nothing budged the dirt.  The power washer blew it all right off.  I forgot to take a pic of them.

 I even washed my little wooden house.

 I did not try to power wash Teddy.  I don't think that would have gone over well.

 So for the present, this area is as clean as it can be.  This is a job that should be done each Spring. And it's fun!  I think I am an instant gratification junkie.

Check out my new rings.  Click for a closer look.


Anonymous said…
lol !!!!

Look out Teddy, she will spray you bald!!!!

Where do you find these unique treasures, those rings are perfect for you!!!!
I really do love the stone table and stone benches,, yes I do,,
Guillaume said…
You remind me that I need to do some serious washing and cleaning up here.

Oh and that cat with the green eyes! As spooky as it is beautiful.
So cool rings!!!

I can't wear rings. -moan- They seem to collect soap and hand cream under them, and they "bother" me.

Craig said…
Power washing is addictive. Once I start and one thing is clean I notice something else. It's a spring ritual in our household too but we have such wet winters, everything is green by the time spring arrives.
Anonymous said…
Yes power washing is fun :-) No need for it here today though, the heavy showers are almost as effective :-)

Cool rings!

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
I love that potting bench. it's so cute.
Our pecan trees put out so much pollen in the spring it turns the cars and trucks that park nearby light green. David has to power wash the outside of the house, roof, driveway and the courtyard every summer. It's terrible.
Barb said…
Everything looks nice and clean. I always notice things when I come back from a trip. Great rings!
LOVE the rings. Everything looks clean as a whistle. POWER washing is seriously fun. Thank goodness you let Teddy be.
Love the rings! Your place absolutely sparkles....and the gardens and veggies look wonderful!!!
Love the rings! Your place absolutely sparkles....and the gardens and veggies look wonderful!!!
chickpea678 said…
Where's the pic of the power washer that could? ;)
Kay said…
You have such a huge gorgeous yard. Art was just talking about power washing yesterday. Hmmmmm....