And so it begins.  I got my Staub pumpkins out this week. This is the summer I have been dreading for quite some time.  My entire house is being worked on.  Rotten wood and windows are being replaced and then the whole place will be painted.  What a job.  What is worse is that the workmen arrive each morning at 7:00 am so Teddy has to spend the next eight hours inside.  This means I get up at 3:00 am so she can spend four hours outside before they arrive.  Needless to say, I have a very early bedtime these days.  I've also been doing lots of inside projects to keep me busy and Fall decorating is one of them. So the pumpkins are out and they make me happy.

 Teddy is handling it better than I expected.  She keeps her eyes on the workers all day. When any of them come close to the window, she barks once.  Just to let them know she is watching. She seems rather entertained by it all.  I am expecting this will change when they are painting the windows.

 This side of the house had to be replaced along with all of the windows. Most of my back porch has been rebuilt too.

I put a few figures on my windowsill too.
It will be so nice to have it all done just in time for Fall.


Craig said…
Absolutely worth it and getting it done in summer is the only way. Dogs are remarkably resilient under such circumstances - more than us I think!
Anonymous said…
My dogs would only bark the first time they saw strangers working on the house, after that they woulöd let them in no matter when they came :-)

Have a great day!
Workman always bother me. I feel uncomfortable around them. Sounds like you and Teddy are handling it well, though. getting ready for the season would lift my spirits too. A little Halloween right about now sounds nice. ENJOY the decorating.
Leeanna said…
A little bit of Halloween is perfect for being inside while work is being done outside. Just think everything will look so much prettier outside when they're done.
May everything go smoothly and quickly!
Mary Ann said…
I wrote that Michaels has their pumpkins and fall flowers out now... and I am sure Hobby Lobby (called "The Lob" here LOL) does, too. I love fall like you do, but am trying hard to enjoy the rest of the HOT summer... we are at 104 "real feel" this afternoon.
Cottage Tails said…
Do you make food snacks for your workers? It is something I have always done - a bit of bribery does wonders in finishing details I have found. Glad Teddy is coping so far - summer mornings are beautiful outside.
Guillaume said…
Halloween is slowly, slowly coming. I can feel it in the air these days.
And I thought all that wall papering was a pain!
Today they came to clean all our windows..inside and out. Next we are having the house power washed..not until September though. Thank heavens.
Mel doesn't have a "visitor problem" but she sure has been getting up at 1:30 and two in the morning and then just wandering out and laying tummy down on the grass!! I mean whats that all about??
Banging and noise would be upsetting to Teddy..this has to be hard on her. I hope it all goes quickly...whaaat?? You are getting your Fall things out? :):):) So...so...does that mean I can too? I have my little stick people you gave me....I love them. Well, heck..I'm going to get some of my glass pumpkins out. What the heck! September will be here soon anyway...