This is What I've Been Doing

Seriously, I have an excuse for why my Fall signs are out already.                                                                                                
 I just spent the last week cleaning my garage.  I am thrilled that I can finally see from front to back and I actually have empty shelves.  Lots got tossed, lots donated and all the rest went into plastic containers which I labeled.

 This might not look like a big deal to you but it was a huge job.  I couldn't even walk through here until yesterday.  Someone, I am not mentioning who, likes to just drop things when he is done with them.  This nameless person also likes to stuff the shelves full of anything and everything. I removed carloads full of things to donate.  If I see a mess in here in the future, someone is in big trouble.  Husbands sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

 The reason the car is still in the garage is that it won't start.  I am calling AAA today.  They couldn't have gotten to it a couple days ago.  Time to trade the Camaro in. I never drive it and it just sits and takes up room so it is time for it to go.

 I put together these growing shelves four years ago and only used them once.  I really like starting my plants from seed and was very disappointed that I couldn't use them this past winter.  I will be using them next year! These are easy to build.  You just buy metal shelves and fluorescent shop lights.  You attach the lights on chains so they can be moved up as the plants grow.  The system works very well.

The whole project made Teddy very tired.


sandra said…
I'm surrrre it was a big job!!! Always is!!! Looks ridiculously refreshing, sighhhh...
Oh and I'll take that car off your hands lol.
I sort of sympathise with the unamed one :-) :-) I'm much the same I'm afraid but thankfully I have very littkle space to do like that so mostly I just have to toss away things I really don't need :-)

It is so annoying when the car doesn't start! You know I had that problem with my SAAB not long ago. Yes sell it if You don't use it and at least You can say You had a Camaro, not many can :-)

Those shelves are fantastic! I was thinking of having some in my cellar but the floor is leaning some so I'm not sure it would work.

Almost all of us feel Like Teddy here today, it's so hot that it is impossible to do anything. I think I'll just fall asleep in front of the tv now :-)

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
I was wondering about the comment you left me yesterday. If you ever die, Goddess forbid, Your husband might be on Hoarders for sure.
I'm going to be taking the weekend off because I'm exhausted. Not because of my husband but because of my illness. I was in remission, but the MS has come back to attack with a vengence. I'm so tired, so I need to regroup to fight this all over again. I'll hopefully be back on Monday.
Craig said…
A very impressive task, accomplished brilliantly! I do like a neat garage. Well done!
laurie said…
sounds like a big job!!!!
looks great and I hope the un named one keeps on his toes!!!
that cars a beauty!
Cottage Tails said…
smile and I am hunting for signs of spring growth
Love your fall leaves header. And the outdoor signs. My favorite thing is the wall in the garage where all those lovely ladies are.
PS) I know how much work cleaning a garage is. Kudos to you for even tackling it. TEDDY smile, cooler days are on the way. After we get through the dog days of summer.
Kay said…
Congratulations! Your garage looks fantastic!!! I've been trying to organize my area too. It's a lot of work, but so satisfying once it's done.
Guillaume said…
You remind me that I need to do loads of cleaning and tidying this weekend. I hate cleaning and tidying.

That said, what lovely Halloween decorations you have. I envy you for them. And for the storage space.
Sandy said…

Your garage looks wonderful!!! Can I borrow you to help with cleaning mine?? My husband and son have stashed so much in our garage it just drives me crazy when I need to walk through to do laundry or when I have to get the tractor out.
Mary Ann said…
Oh, Joyce... i want growing shelves so badly instead of my rinky-dink setup. I'm going to show this picture to Keith!
chickpea678 said…
Wow, the garage looks fantastic! I'm getting through my cleaning projects very slowly compared to you!