Transformations: What I Like About Summer

 The Blog Tech and I hit the road last Saturday and headed north looking for farm stands.

 Nice barn, I guess all of those cupolas are for ventilation.

 Abundant fields thanks to all of the June rain.

 Amish country, farm stands are immanent.

 A buggy driven by a woman.


 Good weather for hay making.

 We forgot our camera so he used his phone.

 The payoff for these trips is what all of our fresh finds are turned into as soon as we return.  We scored red new potatoes.

And some new garlic.
The potatoes were cubed and the garlic was diced.
They were turned into buttered parsley potatoes using Amish butter and they were wonderful.
 We bought some candy onions...

 a big cabbage....

 some fresh carrots..

and made a very good coleslaw.

 The raspberries were eaten on cereal.

 The cherries were just eaten.

The first corn of the season was oven roasted.
And blueberries...
 were baked in a pie.

 A few cherry tomatoes picked from the garden and we had a wonderful Summer lunch.


Anonymous said…
Nothing much is ripe here yet. We can of course buy fresh potatoes, carrots and ripe strawberries but that's it I think. Lots of wild strawberries in the forest just waiting to be picked but there are also zillions of flies so I think I'll skip that :-)
But it is a berry and fruit year, I'll get loads of raspberries and more blueberries than I've ever gotten before but none of those are close to ripe yet, we need a week or two with sunshine now.

I'll see if they have fresh corn next time I go to the super market, not Swedish of course, not many grow corn here and they won't be edible until way in to August I think.

Have a great day!
Yum Yum--nothing better than farm fresh veggies--great selection.
Sandy said…

All the vegetables and fruit you purchase look really amazing.
I love Amish Farm Markets, wish we had more down this way.
Craig said…
The azure blue skies and green fields are an intoxicating blend. I'm very pleased that I don't live in your house as I'd be as big as that same house! The fruit and veggies look super.
Leeanna said…
I love your outing pictures. So cool to see pictures of different places in the blogs I read. Lunch looked yummy.
What a good haul you made. Great ingredients turned into a wonderful meal. Everything looks delicious. Curious about the cupolas too. We have a barn near here with lots of them too. Never crossed my mind they were for ventilation. You are brilliant.
Cottage Tails said…
I always enjoy your road trips
Guillaume said…
A bit early for blueberries, but glad there are some, as I know the season is going to be difficult this year, due to a bad winter.
Jim said…
Heaven! Nothing better than fresh vegetables and berries!!
Barb said…
What a lot of wonderful food you found!!
Mary Ann said…
Lunch looks fabulous!
Rhodesia said…
Looks like a good day out and very successful for buying fresh vegetables. Have a good day Diane