What Kind of a Witch Are You?

 What kind of a witch are you?

I used to be this kind of witch.
 I wish I would end up being this kind of a witch.

 Unfortunately, I think this is the kind of witch I am.


Guillaume said…
I am no witch. I am a werewolf.
greekwitch said…
I want to be the second one!!
sandra said…
I'll take witch number one ;] ! Cloud witch is beyond coolll!!
Valerie said…
I think the last two are fine witches to be. I'm settling into my cronehood with anticipation.
GOTHAM239 said…
Right now.....#2. Looking forward to evolving. :)
Anonymous said…
Well, I guess I'm a grump wizard :-)

have a great day!
Anonymous said…
well, I think the one with the hat of vines summs me up pretty much, I already have the chubby cheeks,,,,,
Leeanna said…
I'm turning into the last one. ahahahaaa!
SHERRY said…
I retain remnants of #1, at least in my mind and certainly #2 and #3 are closer to reality. But what is reality but your own perception of a thing. So I would choose all three, a good combination I think.
Julie said…
I am definitely the one with the vine hat and kind face. At least I hope that is me.
I've been all three but now I think, not sure, but I think I'm the last witch..food is important to me much more than it should be. That's why I love to hang out with you. I've a great imagination and often think I can smell whatever you've baked or cooked.
Just finished making my spaghetti salad recipe and company is on the way! It's beautiful and delicious!!
Kay said…
Which witch would I be? Sheesh! I don't know... probably a napping witch.
I want to be like the Aunts in Practical Magic..
Teacats said…
Hearth and Home Witch -- old crone!
Based on the pictures.... I am probably number one. Pie in the sky. Though once upon a time I was number two. And will probably end up number three.
Barb said…
I want to be a witch with a huge herb garden!
I love, whatever kind of Witch you are!

You are the most perfect kind of Witch, to me.

You work your spells, in your kitchen. And in your crafting.

You display Love, with all you do. Not only for family and friends, but for others, less fortunate.

You Heart is huge.

See, the perfect kind of a Witch.

Gentle hugs,