A Festival in the Woods

 We went to this wonderful festival yesterday. It was held in a heavily wooded area.

 I was so tempted to buy that set of nesting boxes but I passed.

 You can bring your chairs here to have them caned. 

 Hand carved rocking horses.

 You can watch the guy carve them too.

 It was nice and shady in this sweltering heat.

 Big foot.

 Fun Halloween burn barrels.

 Many of the trees have carvings on them.

 Lawn ornaments.

 Cutting boards.

 Cute broom holders.

 Another tree carving.

 These copper tiles were really pretty up close.

 A great broom. I already have one very similar to it.

Wooden spoons being carved.
BBQ chicken and mashed potato parfait and spiral cut fries with vinegar might be the best part of the fair.
 A typical scene for us. Everyone else is arriving just as we are leaving.  We don't spend much time at these things.


Craig said…
Well that looks like a fun visit. Such lovely crafts and the snack looks good too!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the idea of a festival in the the woods! Seems so inspiring. We have plenty of forest here, but I have yet to see one. At best we have fayres in the local park, which is nice too, but not quite a forest.
SHERRY said…
You have so many amazing festivals and farmers markets by you, this one was really nice located in the forest. I loved the carving on the trees and all the handcrafts are great. I would have purchased that broom for sure, love it.
Anonymous said…
definitely my kind of fair!!!!My daughter Kelly would love this too!!
Anonymous said…
I wish we had festivals like that here. I would have bought that broom with the twisted handle no matter what it might cost :-) :-)

I'm like that too, arrive early, leave early :-)

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Looks like another fun festival!!
Mary Ann said…
Our Renaissance festival is about to commence here on Labor Day weekend... the grounds are right next to the Ag Hall... sold to them by the Ag Hall... and the crowds of workers are gathering. Half sleep on the grounds in tents.... half in sleeping bags... there are small huts that sell different goods during the festival, and some people actually live in them all year! Turkey legs are their favorite food to sell... but.... turkey legs are at a premium this year with H5N2 in the midwest... so I wonder if they will have them. They have crafts of every sort, and people roaming around in Elizabethan clothing in the HEAT :-)
Jamie. said…
That looks like a great festival! We don't have festivals around here, we are very commercialized & I hate it :(
Great pictures!