Another Week of Work Begins

 For the last day of the visit, I made my guests Turkish breakfast.  I picked some of my peppers and roasted them with olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar.

 And I made simit.

 These are like unboiled bagels.  They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and wonderful.

 I once again forgot to take photos but I made turkish eggs, sucuk, salad and I threw in some Scotch eggs.  Though they are not Turkish, Scotch eggs belong on any big breakfast tray!

 At Christer's suggestion, I topped my tomatoes to stop the plants from growing and concentrate their energy on ripening the green tomatoes.

 Teddy is feeling better!  When I fiddle around in the garden, it puts her to sleep.

 Here is an example of some of the work being done on the house.  Posts are being replaced on porches, rotten wood all over the place has been taken down and replaced. It is not a good idea to plant vegetation close to a wooden house in an area with high humidity. I have been doing lots of trimming and have removed an entire tree.

 I have peeling paint like this all over the house. The painters are literally hand sanding the windows and siding. This house is over 140 years old and it still has the original siding on it.

More rotten wood and peeling paint.  I hope to show much better photos soon.
The Fall Flowering Clematis in the back to the right will have to be pulled down just about when it is ready to flower.
A sure sign of Fall.  The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are changing from dark pink to brown.


Craig said…
I like the colour combination very much. Pleased to hear that Teddy is better.
Leeanna said…
I love that stained glass window. Cutting back the foliage from the house gives it a clean look. I like it.
Poor Teddy. I have a feeling she will be much happier when the weather cools down.
Anonymous said…
such a big job but wonderful to preserve such a beautiful house of such long years,
could you maybe dig and move that clematis, Christer knows his stuff doesn't he, lol,

oops almost forgot, that was some beautiful breakfast your guests were given, my my, they may never want to leave, lol,
Mary said…
I hear you about wood and humidity, husband is replacing columns and step again on front of house. Grumbling all the time " I should just have kept the cement and iron railing!!!". NO,wooden two story colonials ( 1930) have wooden front steps! I have long ago removed bushes around steps, left a couple of hosta. To make it worse the front faces due north, never sees the sun. Your breakfast looks delicious and the guest house is wonderful.
Susan said…
I'm so glad Teddy is feeling better! I know this house business is very stressful for her (not to mention you...) That's quite a job, but I bet the end result with be beautiful! You may make my breakfast any day of the week.... :)
Anonymous said…
I have the same problems here with high humidity and wood. Still, most houses in our countryside is made from wood and I've always wondered why, we always need to replace parts of our homes :-)

I cut my tomatoes too so those I have will ripe, I can't remeber when I had such a good year for tomatoes!

I'm glad Teddy feels better :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I am happy Teddy is feeling better. For a second I thought you were making bagels. They look quite a lot like bagels from Montreal as a matter of fact.
Barb said…
The house is going to look wonderful. It's just a pain getting there. Glad to hear Teddy is doing better!
Mary Ann said…
Our vegetation is changing here, too... browning... and I'm going to top my tomatoes, good idea! Glad Teddy is feeling better.
1st Man said…
Our plants are changing to brown...though because of heat, not Fall, ha.

You treat your guests so well. You better watch it, some fellow bloggers might come knocking on your door someday, LOL!

Glad Teddy is better!
Joy said…
I would love to have a Turkish breakfast made by you! Lucky guests! :)
chickpea678 said…
Is topping a tomato plant snipping off the top?