Baby Teddy

 I came across these baby photos of Teddy when I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday

She looks like a stuffed animal.
And look at that tongue.

 She sure puffed up for her first winter.

 Lay down roll over.  She still does this every afternoon.  We go out on the lawn, I say lay down roll over and she does just that.

 Guarding at a young age.

Our 10 minute attempt to cage train her.  In retrospect, we should have tried a bit harder.  She looked so sad in the cage that I couldn't stand to leave her in there.  I bet she was just fine.
This was 10 years ago but she is still as cute as a button.  Just a little ornerier.


Anonymous said…
she still is as cute as a button thats for sure, what a beauty,,
Anonymous said…
Yes she is a cutie :-) That blue tongue of hers is the dot over the i as we say here :-)

Have a great day!

Teddy is beautiful!! Hope you are holding up ok with all that work going on. Looks like a hot weekend approaching....stay and Teddy!!!
Leeanna said…
Oh my gracious! She was a cute little puff ball wasn't she. Still is too. How is she handling the heat? Hope she's staying cool.

I don't believe in crate training. It seems so cruel to be locked up in a box. We just used child gates to keep the puppies in the kitchen. Sometimes we still have too when a repairman comes in to do work, but they understand and behave themselves.
Cottage Tails said…
way way cute.
We cage trained Stella - first dog ever to, it has been great and means we can take her away with us as she happily sleeps in her den. BUT yes it was hard on our hearts to do it.

But Stella doesn't like to be groomed - I'm always in awww of how beautiful Teddy looks all brushed nice and pretty
Guillaume said…
She does look like a baby.
Mary Ann said…
She almost looks like a Steiff toy in some of those pictures!
Mary Ann said…
She almost looks like a Steiff toy in some of those pictures!
Barb said…
What a cutie!! cute! What a nice thick coat she has..
Susan said…
She sure doesn't show her age! She is still adorable.
chickpea678 said…
Wow, what a cute dog! Can't believe she's as ferocious as you say!