Feeding My House Guests

I like to make special treats for guests when they come to visit.  I made them some small cakes yesterday.  Then I wrapped them in cute little boxes.
 I used small springform pans and made rich yellow cakes.

 They are so cute.

I missed taking a few pics.  I split them in half, spread them with homemade strawberry jam and then frosted them with a vanilla bean buttercream.
 I had some extra batter so I made my husband a small cake too.
When they were done I chilled them and then wrapped them up.
I remembered to take a pic of my husbands cake.  The guests cakes were much cuter.

 I picked some tomatoes and a cucumber and made a caprese salad with some proscuitto and chorizo. I cut a bunch of basil and made pesto for the salad instead of just using basil leaves.

 And I baked some French bread to go with it.


I think you are about the most fascinating women I have ever met! You are like a musician that thinks everyone can play an instrument...or a singer that thinks everyone can sing..etc.
You have homemaking skills that very few..in the scheme of things...have. Sometimes I just sit and shake my head after visiting your blog. I LOVE it!
Vera said…
I want to be one of your house guests!!
I'd like to make a reservation to come stay at your guest house!!! We are heading your way at the end of the month for a friend's wedding (staying with family). I am excited!!!
Craig said…
What food! I suspect that your house guests may never leave. The salad is a work of art!
greekwitch said…
If you opened a bnb it would be the best in the world!!
Linda said…
I read your blogposts with amazement and awe! What more can I say? Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Mary Ann said…
That salad looks wonderful! I am going to look around for some little springform pans, you just gave me a good idea!
Love your salad - especially the pesto instead of basil ribbons - yum!
Nellie said…
Wonderful hospitality for those guests! Are you taking reservations?:-)
Anonymous said…
I'm sure it was all appreciated very very much!!!
My Mum made that cake all the time, she called a sandwich cake,, it made me think of her,
Barb said…
Great food and so thoughtful. I would love to be your guest!
Kay said…
You are absolutely amazing! Those gift boxes with delicious cakes are just awesome and that caprese salad has me totally droooooling!
Candace said…
I have only recently found your blog and this is my first comment. I agree with everyone else, you are amazing and I mean it as the word is intended. How do you find time to blog??
chickpea678 said…
Good grief you eat well at your house!