Does your kitchen counter look like this? All of my tomatoes are ripening at the same time.
I bought more corn and some cukes on my trip this past weekend.
I'm not canning this summer but I am freezing.

 Tomatoes have been turned into sauce.

And frozen in freezer bags.

 The corn was cooked and seasoned and frozen in bags too.  I think being able to eat sweet summer corn in the middle of winter is one of the best things ever.

The cucumbers were shaved and turned into refrigerator pickles.

And some were made into dill spears.

It's raining!!!  It's a miracle!  I even hear thunder.  We haven't had rain in well over a month.  Woohoo...no watering today.


greekwitch said…
Those tomatoes look yummy!
Anonymous said…
my counters once looked like that but no longer sadly, glad I can look at yours,, that corn sounds wonderful,,glad to hear the rain came, I sent it days ago lol,,
Tomatoes are everywhere. I pickled the grape and cherry tomatoes and are giving away as many as I can to neighbors.
Craig said…
You're being very productive. The tomato sauce looks excellent and you're right, corn out of season is such a treat!
kymber said…
jaz - not sure if you know, so forgive me if you do already know - you can plant indeterminate, heirloom tomatoes (and other types of plants) and they don't all come in at once. i find that having some of my plants coming in, it is easy to eat them as they come in. and then with my determinate plants i can freeze them (like you) or can them. but i really like the plants that come in a few at a time.

your friend,
Anonymous said…
Great tomato harvest!
My tomatoes comes one by one but I have had a good tomato year!

They haven't started to sell fresh corn here yet but I'll buy plenty when they do :-)

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
What a great harvest! I did the same thing. Canned, diced, pureed, and I even made salsa. David will be pulling up our tomato plants this coming Saturday. They put out about two baskets full this year. I'm quite satisfied.
Susan said…
You are right - there is nothing as special as sweet corn in the middle of winter! Rain!! Send some up here!!!
Cottage Tails said…
I bet you can hear the earth sighing with relief for rain.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love harvest! About time it starts. For the corn, I suggest you invite a few people to peel them next time. In Qu├ębec, we call this activity "├ępluchette" and it used to be a big gathering when people ate them afterwards in a big feast.
John Gray said…
Cucumbers in a jar bliss

Wow Joyce! What beautiful veggies. You sound well stocked for Winter. :) I would be in a real hum with a super market nearby.
Rain? Really?? Lucky people! The clouds have come and gone and we had one heck of a storm but nothing since. However, I hear we are in for quite a ride with Fall and/or winter. NOT good. An El Nino' is something we never forget. This one that is brewing is supposed to be the worst we have ever known. We'll see I suppose.
Rain, you say! *heavy sigh*
p.s. Digging out my little witches soon. :) Can't wait!!