House Painting

 Week four is about to begin in this huge house project.  They are still hand sanding the siding in preparation to paint.  This week will be a nightmare because they are going to be replacing windows and runners which means not only will I have workers crawling all over the outside, they will be inside too.  Teddy will not be happy. I got the painters to give me some of the paint they are using and I am painting my little garden house to match the main house.

 I can't tell how Teddy is feeling.  She slept all morning while I cooked, which she never does.  She normally would be outside keeping an eye on things.  However, here you see her eating treats after I gave her eye drops which we do twice a day.

 Who me?

 Leave me alone so I can eat my treats in  peace.


 Next up I am going to paint the green house to match the main house too.

 I pulled a bunch of tomato plants out yesterday.  This is the earliest I have ever done that.  My tomato plants are mostly still producing but the tomatoes are small and the leaves are shriveling.  It has been such a strange summer weather-wise.  We had a month of soaking nonstop rain and now endless weeks without a single drop.

The poblano peppers are doing great though.
 My sunflowers are about to bloom.  I think I planted them too late.

And here she comes back from treat eating.  It looks like she is mumbling to herself.


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad she's eating, even if its just treats its a start!
Good luck with the painting!!
Dee said…
Could you stay in your beautiful guest house while the work is being done on your home? BTW, made another two loaves of the wonderful buttermilk honey bread yesterday and had cinnamon toast on fresh home made bread this morning. My husband and I thank you for sharing your recipe. So delicious and so easy!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad that she eat treats :-) A prooof that her stomach isn't too bad anyway.

So You'll finally get Your windows! Yes it is a pain to have workers around but You'll forget that as soon as it is done :-)

It is a beautiful little garden house!

I'll cut of the tops of my tomato plants today, they won't make any more tomatoes but instead concentrating on ripen the ones they still carry. I've had a good tomato year.

It has been a strange summer this year, now when autumn is arriving we're getting summer temperatures! It would have been better if those temperatures had come during summer when it was supposed to :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
We got another cold snap here and I just knew you would love it.
Yea, you and Teddy move into the guest house while the work gets done - that would be wonderful to get away from the noise and mess,
Craig said…
Teddy has a very expressive face bless her. Nice idea painting the small house and greenhouse the same colours - I do like coordination!
Leeanna said…
I would just restart the tomato plants for early fall when the weather is cool but not cold. I'm about ready to rip out our tomato plants and start over next month. Our tomatoes are pitiful.
Guillaume said…
Glad Teddy ate the treat.
Deb said…
I think dogs with heavy coats really suffer in the heat. My cavalier, Rosie, is not happy at all. She's lying at my feet snoring. Her appetite is good though. I think Teddy is rallying if treat consumption is any indication!
Good moring..there has been a lot going on in my huge once again I am lagging behind.
Teddy has been under the weather? I know exactly how that feels..our little dogs are such a huge part of our family and when they are not well it's frightening! Mele' hasn't been herself lately either..I watch her carefully as we have those ferrel (sp?) cats in our neighborhood and they come into the yard and use our flowerbeds to potty in. I am watchful when I let Mele' out.

I know all of you will be relieved when the work is completed..but think of the peaceful Winter you will have. :)
Our weather has been strange too...very! I need to write a letter and fill you in. Hopefully today. I miss your most recent recipe so have to go back and check! :)
p.s. Your Fall decor is going to show up so beautifully against the colors you've chosen for your home!
Mary Ann said…
I sure hope your Big Doll is okay!
chickpea678 said…
You are always doing something fun! What a good idea to paint your little house and green house to match your house.
Kay said…
Your energy level is amazing. How wonderful to have all the matching little houses!