House Painting

 It's hump day of week 4.  The painting is slowly coming along. I'm even getting used to having faces at each if my windows as I go about my day.

 All but three windows have been replaced and they are supposed to go in today. 

 I never thought I could be so happy to see a window painted.

 It's a bit unnerving to see your home in this shape.  But, that is a new window right there.  Woohoo!

 What could this plastic possibly be protecting?  It's been like this for a month.  It's things like this that make me not lament the drought we are having.

These are my basement security bars,  They will look much better after they are painted.

 It's nice to gaze at a small completed area.

My husband put these up to give me something that makes me smile.


i love it!!!! The security bars for your basement are fantastic! I would love to see your house in much personality!! And that husband of yours is a sweetie to set up your Jack-O-Lanterns!! Have a great rained here last evening as well, and is to be cooler today. YAY!!!
Anonymous said…
awww, he loves you truly,,,
Those are the coolest basement security bars I've ever seen!
Susan said…
I love those security bars! And how beautiful your house will look when it's done. I bet you're glad you only have to do this every 20 years.... :)
Jeri Landers said…
Hmmm. repainting the entire house or just the windows? I am pretty sure those security bars were made Just for you. Can't purchase those off the rack!I just read your post 2 down, I see you went to Shaker Woods... I did that show about 4 times, years ago. I love some of the structures the crafters and artist have created as their permanent booths.
Mary said…
Progress always encouraging....husband as they say " a keeper".
Anonymous said…
Beautiful security bars!

I do wonder what that plastic does there since it barely can protect anything :-)

Have a great day!

Love the security bars! Once you're finished, you should totally give Halloween tours to your neighbors :)
Guillaume said…
That's enough to make me smile. A house is a lot of work. But yours can truly be called a home.
Barb said…
You have a sweet husband!! It must be all the goodies you make for him. I love those window guards!!
Craig said…
The colours are lovely and suit the style of your home perfectly.
Richmond Gordon said…
This might be the most basic of all home upgrades, but it's a vital one nonetheless. Love the job you guys did on this. Hope everything went well with this project, and I'm looking forward for updates. Cheers!

Richmond Gordon @ Certapro Painters