I Live in a Work Zone

 If you ever thought you wanted to redo your house, you might want to reconsider. Because as bad as you might think it would be, I am here to tell you it is worse.  I try to keep a discreet eye on the process and I really hate hovering over the workers but I think hovering is called for now. You notice the window is not there? These windows have been out of the frame for the better part of days while the workers try to fit them.  This house is over 140 years old and nothing is plumb. Each window is a different size and they have to be filed down to fit perfectly.

It seems that frustrated workers sanded the windows in place and now I have a coating of fine redwood dust on EVERYTHING including this massive crystal chandelier. They did not take the time to cover a single thing. I don't even begin to know how I will clean everything. This dust is stuck like a magnet and when I try to clean, it just sort of gets pushed around.
 I have boxes and equipment piled in every room.

 And windows taped in plastic.  Can someone tell me why they bother to tape the windows off yet remove it when they actually work on the window? I think the answer is that it makes their job easier? I am being sarcastic here.

The entire perimeter of my house is covered in scaffolding and ladders and all sorts of tools and equipment.
 My garage and porch have become staging centers for the project and I am looking at two more months of this.  Arghhhhhhh!!!!!

When it really gets to me, I pick something out that is finished, like my lanterns.  I stand and gaze at them, trying to appreciate how wonderful it will be when it is all done.  We have a loooong way to go.


Dee said…
We went through this on a much smaller scale but it was awful. I told my husband I would NEVER go through that again. Dust dust and more dust and sawdust. I wore a mask most of the time so I could breath. And tried washing dishes in a bathroom sink - never again. I feel your pain.
1st Man said…
I've never lived IN a house during a remodel but I can't imagine. I'm shocked they don't bother to cover your beautiful furniture? I would hover too!

Side note, that lantern is crazy beautiful!

Kimberly Kelly said…
LOVE the lantern! Was it a custom design?
Mary said…
Look on the bright side.....no need to dust for months....just keep the kitchen clean. When this house ( 1930's) was painted years ago, I had it sanded down to bare wood, looked so nice, then painted. Dust creeped in everywhere...My neighbor says " you can sign your name in the dust just don't put the date! When it is all finished it will be worth all this!
Anonymous said…
I hate dust that behaves like that! It's actually a big problem at work because lots of different powder paints behave like that making it almost impossible to make the painting box clean again.

Not a single window in my cottage is the same so I understand the problem. Here they just took what they came over so the day I'll have to change windows will be a nightmare too :-) :-)

God knows why they do what they do sometimes :-) It's probably logic to them but not for the rest of the world :-)

Have a great day despite it all!

Heritage Hall said…
My heart goes out to you....a pox on workers who do not honor and give care to your lovely home and possessions...just plain ignorance or laziness. Nip it with a lesson in consideration and how to do their job professionally....sorry for the vent... saddens me to see
such disregard of your good nature, Friend.

Cottage Tails said…
It would be so unsettling for you. Our home needs doing up and I have said not until after I finish my study will we start I don;t think I'd cope trying to do both.
I feel your pain. I live in a constant renovation!!! It is very frustrating!!!
Laura said…
I can empathize with you. I had my old home redone back in 2009. I had to move out (including everything I owned) in order to make it work. I went by every day to check things out and was so frustrated by the whole thing. But it was worth it in the end.

hope it gets better for you
Texan said…
We remodeled a home we lived in while it went on, whew. In some cases we gutted the room down to the 2x4's.. bathrooms.. anyway it was a ordeal. But oh my yes just stand and look at that lantern and all will be fine :O). Lovely just lovely. What color is your house siding painted?
Hang in there! It will all look amazing once it's over!
Barb said…
I feel so sorry for you. The dust alone would make me crazy!! Years ago my DH spent a day sanding down plaster walls( I was at work) I have never seen such a mess. There was plaster dust on EVERY surface in my house. That's the closest I have ever come to divorcing the dear!!!! and he even put up plastic tarps!
We have been there...could look up and see sky! It's horrible..but please, oh please tell me that it won't be that way to the point you can't decorate for Fall???? Really?? *screams and faints*
Mary Ann said…
I am ashamed to tell you our new back deck is almost finished being built, and the workers have been wonderful.

Guillaume said…
I feel your pain.