More Zoar

 The best part of a trip to Zoar is just walking around the town and looking at the beautifully preserved homes and the gardens. This is my favorite one.

 They've trained concord grapes along their fence.

 Zoar was founded by 200 German emigrants in 1817.

 They left Wuerttemberg, Germany to escape religious oppression from the Lutheran church.

 This was a communal society.

In the 2010 census, 169 people were living here.
 This was my favorite store which was in the Old Cider Mill.  The building is presently for sale for 369,000.00.  It is 4600 square feet.

 It sits on a greatl piece of land.  I will miss that store.

 Most homes have wonderfully tended perennial gardens.

 The old Cobbler shop.

 This is a bed and breakfast.  We have never gone here for Halloween but apparently they have wonderful ghost tours.

 Beautiful old Rose of Sharon bushes are all over town.

It so much fun to be able to peek into all the gardens.


Jeri Landers said…
Just looked at the post below and I know many of those vendors, I recognized their work immediately. Looks like it was a great show! This is my kind of town, I love seeing the pride the homeowners take in their gardens, fences and dwellings, who would not want to live in such a place?! I just toured your house gosh, you have great taste! I knew you did from seeing your gardens. Love those beds and the painted cupboard too. Must go peek a bit more into those rooms. Cheers!
Jeri Landers said…
PS. Just scrolled down your recipe list looking for Chile Relenos.Can you make them sometime? I just don't care for the online recipes I have found thus far and it is my favorite Mexican dish.
Leeanna said…
What a beautiful little town. Nice to know there are still small places like that around in such a crazy hustle and bustle world today.
Craig said…
Gorgeous little place. The best way to garden is to appreciate someone else's!
Anonymous said…
It's such a beautiful town and I've always liked to see Your photos from there! I'm afraid my garden would be too messy to fit in to that town :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Beautiful pictures. You put me in an autumnal mood.
Barb said…
That is a town I would love to visit. I love peeking in back yards and seeing the gardens. We have gone on many ghost tours which really end up more history than ghost. We have always enjoyed them a lot.