On The Road to Zoar

 I have lots of photos to sort through so today I will just show a few pics of us on the way to the Zoar festival.  It has been so dry and it seems like every farmer took advantage of it and cut hay.

 The Amish still use horses to harvest their hay and to cut their grass.

We were in Amish country.
 And we drove through the town where General Custer was born.

 Got stopped by a train hauling oil.

 Click for a closer look. This is very controversial in this country right now.

 Fishermen and fisherkids.

Beautiful farms all along the way.
 And finally we arrive in town.

 Zoar is surrounded by corn fields.  More tomorrow.

 The best shot of the blue moon that I could get.


Anonymous said…
must be great farmland there,,
Guillaume said…
Oh I cannot believe I did not take a picture of the blue moon on Friday! I love the cornfield, looks like a great place for horror movies.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful countryside!

Almost no one make hay here any longer, they make silage instead so the entire countryside id full with those balls covered in white plastic, they call them farmers eggs :-)

I didn't get a chance to see the blue moon, the sky was covered in clouds unfortunately.

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
another wonderful road trip - I look forward to part 2.
Over here we read that the Dukes of Hazard car can't have the flag anymore on it.
Leeanna said…
Beautiful countryside. I love your road trips.
Barb said…
I love seeing your road trips. It is too bad that a flag that many men died for has become a negative symbol. (We just watched Gettysburg this summer). While my family was from Illinois, I still got a glimpse into how the confederate soldiers felt.
chickpea678 said…
Hmmm. Zoar is a communal settlement! I'm going to look into what that means.

Wasn't that blue moon gorgeous?
Kay said…
Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks like such an interesting town to visit.
Mary Ann said…
I'm going to google Zoar right now. :-)
Good morning, Joyce! Of course I am loving this trip!
When I first read this post and came to the flag issue, I wanted so much to expound on how I felt...but..no use stirring the pot, I thought. I often wonder if we will ever be able to get a grip and try to understand where others are coming from, their way of living, what has made them who they are and when there is room for improvement..go for equality, not dominance...and when we change it..not try to go "whole hog" about some things. Many men died in that war, horrible deathes. Unfortunately "Southern Pride" and the flag issue is put out by the "fringers" and does not give the real picture to the masses. Already saying too much. Oh well.
I noticed that few mentioned that issue. LOL
Then I come along and run my mouth! :) Obviously I come from a Southern background.
Interesting towns in your area...