Yesterday we headed out to Amish country with one goal in mind....find the first pumpkins of the year!
All of the garden centers have mums, cornstalks and straw bales.....none had pumpkins.
We passed some interesting characters along the way. Click to enlarge.
We pulled up to an Amish farm market and there they were.
And now they are mine!
Lined up on my table in the rain this morning.  RAIN!  Pumpkins and rain...I am having a wonderful day.

 A friend sent this to me the other day and I just thought it was so perfect!


Fiona said…
Pumpkins...a bright and happy dash of color!
I do like the Liar quote!
Guillaume said…
Great to see pumpkins showing up! Right now I have seen none where I am.
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing You're quite happy now :-)
No pumpkins in any stores here yet, I'm pretty sure they won't turn up until just before Halloween. The ones I have are so tiny that I doubt they'll become anything. Next week we usually get the first frost here.

Have a great day!

Laura said…
When I went to the big farmers market over a week ago, they had pumpkins. It is just too early for me to buy them though. :-)
Michelle said…
I cannot wait to fill our farmhouse porch with pumpkins. In about a week for me! Enjoy yours!
Mary Ann said…
I have my eye out for them, here, too!
Barb said…
We are finally a bit cooler and actually had rain yesterday, maybe some pumpkins soon!!
Joyce..just reading about your search for pumpkins and then seeing them lined up and some RAIN..well..it made my day too!!! Seems we are always the last to see pumpkins...I start feeling alive just about this time of year..
Anticipation?? :)
chickpea678 said…
I got my first pumpkin today!