Zoar Garden

Click to enlarge. The Zoar garden is beautiful. It's a community garden and it is perfectly maintained. I need their weeder.
The large tree at the center is described in the sign in the above photo.
The garden center and greenhouse.
 Strolling through this town is like stepping back in time.

 Even the birds have nice houses.

 The town drinking fountain.

 The Tin Smith's shop.

 An original log cabin.

 This is the back of the greenhouse and I don't know if this is brickwork being repaired or just what these wooden pieces are.  Does anyone know?

 Lots of the homes hold yard sales during the festival.

A cute way to recycle old shovel handles and enamelware.
This is all I came home with, darn it. 


Leeanna said…
German towns are so quaint. We have a few German and Czech places out here near Seguin that are just beautiful.
Anonymous said…
It is such a beautiful town!

I wish I had the energy to keep my garden that weed free :-) :-) But then again, if I had such a fine garden I would be worried every time my dogs went outside :-)

And exactly what is it You brought home? :-)

Have a great day!
Craig said…
When you're finished with the weeder, send hi over here as I need him/her too! Beautifully maintained gardens!
Anonymous said…
now I know where to send our socks that need darning, lol!!!!
Beautiful garden!
greekwitch said…
Is this a baby toy? Cute!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
it's an antique sock darner!
Guillaume said…
Lovely garden, even for a godless man like me.
Mary Ann said…
Oh my gosh, go to the Zoar B and B for Halloween! Write about it! :-)
Barb said…
Thanks for sharing that delightful town on your blog!