A Fall Farmer's Market

We drove back to the mountains yesterday to go to this market.  Though our temps are still in the 90's, the market had signs of Fall everywhere.
 We saw this beauty.

 I might have to buy mums soon.  I've been putting it off due to lack of rain.

 A cupcake truck.

 Pumpkin everything everywhere.

 Some Xmas too.

 Someone likes to play with glass as much as I do.

 I want some of these pumpkins.  I should have gotten them yesterday but they are cement and weigh a ton.  I think I will have to go back with a wagon.

 This place sells old slates.

 Check out the consummate pierogie maker in the back. Click to enlarge. Check out her socks.  When I was a kid, all of my Polish relatives rolled their stocking to right below the knee and wore them like that.  I hadn't thought of that in years until I saw her.

 She was barking orders in Polish.

 I bought the best currywurst ever from this guy.

So much to choose from.

And on the way home we found these!
  The Blog Tech just left for an adventure of a lifetime this morning.  I hope to have pics for you this week if I can manage to load them.


Mary said…
Love, love, want,want a cement pumpkin........they look wonderful!
Laura said…
There were pumpkins everywhere at our big local farmers market. It's so hot I just couldn't see getting them. But I'm probably going back this week for one or two.
Anonymous said…
I think it might be time for mums here too now, the temperatures are sinking so they'll last for a long time.

No pumpkins in the stores here yet and mine is so small I doubt it will become anything, perhaps I should harvest and eat it instead :-)

There were always lots of polish people here in this country during the cold war, they used to work in the fields to make some good money to get a better life back home and I do remember those socks :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
The Christmas decorations/items come too early. Otherwise, I love a good old autumn market.
Dog Trot Farm said…
I cannot wait to read where the blog tech is off to...sounds exciting...I would love to own a few of those cement pumpkins, are they terribly expensive? I cannot wait to decorate for Fall, but it is just to hot and humid this weekend...I need a bit of cool weather to get me in the mood...plus I'm painting the chicken's coop...Glad to know Teddy is on the mend...Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Julie...
Barb said…
What a great market!It will be fun to see what the blog tech is up to!
Good heavens, YES! You have to go back with a wagon. A BIG one! :) I would be tempted to leave the pumpkins out all year round.. WONDERFUL! Looked like a really great Fair.