Cinnamon Apple Yogurt

We finally got some rain and cool weather.  I pulled out the JOL chiminea and built the first pumpkin fire of Fall.
Then I made some homemade yogurt.  My daughter bought me a pumpkin spatula.                                                
I picked some apples off of my tree, diced them and sauteed them in butter.                                                                
 I added some brown sugar and cinnamon and cooked them until they thickened.

 I also toasted some walnuts.

 Like most everything else, homemade yogurt is wonderful. 

 Especially topped with cinnamon apples.

 And walnuts.


laurie said…
that looks amazing!! The toasted walnuts are a wonderful touch!
We have frost,,,, I told you we would lol,,,
chickpea678 said…
Yummy! Do you use a yogurt maker?

That pumpkin fire is awesome!
Anonymous said…
I've never made yoghurt myself but often buy vanilla yoghurt and mix it with apples and cinnamon :-) My favorite in between meal treats :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE that jack o'. My dad used to make yogurt, now my brother does.
greekwitch said…
Wow! This looks very creamy!! How did you do it?? And with the toppings!? Yuuuumm!!!
Kay said…
This is making me so hungry!!!
Joyce? Can you hear me at the front door? I didn't think you would mind a little unexpected company to join you for a bowl of ...*sigh* some of that there yogurt?? Hmmmmm??