Fall 2015, The Front Porch

 Except for the addition of a few more pumpkins, the front porch is done. Click on any pics for a closer look.

 Since I assembled the bases for the garlands inside this year, it was much easier to pull this together.

 The moment I brought the first pumpkin out, Teddy came up and laid down right next to it.

 These mums are called 'candy corn' mums.

 Each year Teddy lays in the same spot with the pumpkins.

 Maybe she thinks they are her minions.

She felt so comfortable that she fell asleep.


Anonymous said…
she looks beautiful amongst the Fall decorations,, it certainly is her colors,
the garland is beautiful, what a big job!
Laura said…
it's gorgeous!
Guillaume said…
Oh when I go back home I so need to decorate the house!
Your decorations are beautiful....as is your house. And Teddy is the perfect accompaniment to any decor!
Anonymous said…
It looks beautiful! and Teddy looks like a lion.

Have a great day!
OMG! I am delighted!!! :) No...beyond.. heh heh!
Cottage Tails said…
Teddy totaly completes the decoratiing
greekwitch said…
Yeih!!! It is even prettier than last year's! Happy Autumn!
1st Man said…
One word, STUNNING.
Susan said…
She's a fluffy little pumpkin herself! It looks beautiful as always - I can't believe you were able to pull that together with all the upheaval going on around you.
Ahhh nothing like a front porch nap when everything is all ready for the season. The workmen must be off the property. I hope she is coping well with having all those strangers around. That is SUCH a beautifully decorated porch, Joyce!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Miss Teddy you are the perfect accompaniment to that beautifully decorated front porch...