Paris is for Lovers

 The Blog Tech and his sweetie are touring the Loire Valley right now.

On their last night in Paris they went to this wonderful restaurant.
The Blog Tech had caviar.
They split a duck which is the specialty of Tour d'Argent.
This is the part I really miss about France!
I'm sure they polished off all of these.
It's going to be hard for them to come home.

 They are too cute!

 da Vinci's gardens has a bug hotel like the one The Blog Tech built at work.

 da Vinci's garden.


Anonymous said…
that bug hotel is really interesting!
greekwitch said…
That tray of desserts looks enticing! Paris suits them!
They make such an adorable couple!
I hope they bring you more than a tee shirt back.
Anonymous said…
I would like to go back to Paris again some time. But the people living in Paris can be quite rude. In Japan they have psychologists specialised on Japanese honeymooners coming back from the city. Many are so depressed when they realise that the people are rude and unkind and not like they are in movies that they need special help :-)

I didn't mind, I was just as rude back :-)

Have a great day!

Nellie said…
What a grand time Blog Tech and his sweetie are having! Marvelous trip!
Cottage Tails said…
oh boy it makes me want to travel.
Love the bug hotel and that they both have had a lovely holiday.
Guillaume said…
Caviar, duck? That's heaven in a plate!
SHERRY said…
What a good looking happy couple. You can tell how much fun they are having and how in love they are.
Joyce, you must be overjoyed. This is just SO neat!!
chickpea678 said…
They are so darned adorable! I never heard of Da Vinci's garden! First I thought it was just another part of your garden!