Paris Part Deux

More pics from Paris. I finally figured out how to post the pics but I don't know how to adjust them so this one is dark.

Creme Brulee. They are killing me with the food pics.

They are eating their way through Paris.

Foie Gras.  OMG.

They are squeezing in a few things besides food.  They saw La Traviata outside last night.

Held at the Hotel des Invalides.

But then back to food again.
I could eat this all day long.  If I get more pics of them today I will post them later.


Kay said…
Oh yes! I could eat like this forever. Paris is definitely the place to get the most awesome food. Creme Brulee? My favorite!
chickpea678 said…
Wow! La Traviata outdoors at Les Invalides! They are having quite a spectacular time!
Jim said…
Now you know what it is like for the rest of us here when you are posting all the wonderful dishes you prepare!! lol
Heritage Hall said… are so correct...the places where you propped up your Children as youguns to view the sights are buried, so when
Daughter and future Husband were engaged, we sent them back to England and France and now they will never forget that sojourn.
Paris...oh the food... the meanest, little tucked away café
produced such succulence... don't get me and your
creations only add to the lore of what is unique and delicious...
How is renovation going? Your experience was the talk of the
dining table the other evening...the women teared up at the
mention of the "dust covered chandelier" and furniture...
Mary Ann said…
I'll pass on the foie gras, it's disgraceful how the geese are force-fed... only the French. (I had two French bosses).