The Blog Tech in Paris

 This is my second post for the day.  It's taken me all day to figure out how to get these pics on my blog and while I am on a roll, I figured I better post them now because at any given moment something could happen again and I'm not taking any chances!  These are not in the order I would like them to be in either but I am giving up trying to make sense of this too.  So while I can, I give you...The Blog Tech in Paris!!!

On a gourmet trip!
 With the love of his life...the gorgeous Thais.

 They are there for 2 weeks and are having a blast.

 Beautiful, charming Paris.

 And a beautiful couple!


greekwitch said…
They are so cute together! Paris is such a beautiful city! I have only been there once when I was 15 but it still is my favorite city I ever visited!! I hope they will have a wonderful time!
Anonymous said…
oh Joyce they are a lovely couple, look so happy,
( he is such a ham , a handsom ham,, lol, ;) and she is lovely
I bet he's missing your bread!

beautiful photos, my gosh what a landscape,, that sky is gorgeous,
Awesome trip. Hope he shares many more photos
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures and lovely couple! It almost make me like Paris.
Mystica said…
Gorgeous pictures, hopefully more to come.
chickpea678 said…
A smooch on the cheek brought a smile to his face! :)
OMG! Joyce..he is SO handsome. That Irish chin. Looks like my three sons chins! This is the first really close up picture I've seen of him and she is just gorgeous! I feel grands coming in the future.
I am so happy for him, for her. :) I'm just so happy for all of you!!
They look happy. LOVE the French "look" he is giving. Remember the Frenchman in "The Forsythe Saga?" I had to laugh. So funny.; I was just wondering how things were going..and now I see!
P.S. I could feel your smile all through this post. My grandson and his beloved just returned from Paris. I should have posted pics..just not posting very much.
Ian's Girl said…
Ah, the city is indeed beautiful, but not so beautiful as the young couple in love. Warms my heart to see them, thank you for sharing the pictures with us!
Jim said…
Good to meet your son and his partner.
Yes, no better place than Paris, I am told. Will have to get there soon!!
Char said…
Thank you for posting these great pictures of your son and his love in Paris. I can feel your pride in your comments. I wish you all the very best!