The Eiffel Tower

I couldn't do it when I was there.  I am too afraid of heights.                                                                                                    
 I made it to the first stop and had to take the stairs back down.

 These two didn't have that problem.

 As if they need an excuse.

 I think there are plenty of kisses on this trip.

 See what I mean?

I am off, by myself, to a festival up in the mountains.  I have a goal in mind and if I luck out, I'll show you it tomorrow. It's raining here today and very Fall-like....finally!


Anonymous said…
so much in love,,
Mary Ann said…
This is so strange, a friend of mine, the last person on earth I thought would ever be in Paris... is there now, with her sister and niece!

I am in search of your tomato recipe, my tomato cup runneth over.

greekwitch said…
Their cuteness is off the charts!!! I have never heard of the book, it sounds fun!! We have one that even has a button with flushing sounds.
Jeri Landers said…
The blog tech may be in Paris with his lovely lady, but I bet he still misses YOUR cooking!
Guillaume said…
Are they in love, or what?;-)
sandra hagan said…
Happy France, happy Paris, to you all.

Be safe, have fun!

Sandra Nobles Hagan

http://the wild
Dog Trot Farm said…
Oh my...reminds me of climbing the Statue of Liberty's stairs...lovely view...lovely couple...
They are so darned cute! So...whatcha gonna buy? :)
Kay said…
I think we just took the elevator up at night. It was pretty darn glorious! They look so happy.