Witch Hats

 It is rather unsettling to me to find myself so far behind with my holiday preparations this year.  I usually have so much done by now.  I need to make some witch hats and haven't even bought the materials yet.  These are hats I made last year.

 I never have trouble finding homes for these hats.

 One of my friends wears hers each time she has a UPS delivery.  I wonder what the UPS guy thinks about that?

There is a little witch in all of us.


Oh, my goodness, your witch hats are WONDERFUL!! What an amazing job. Do you have a pattern for the actual hat? How do you come up with such creative ways of decorating them? I need to wear one around the farm. Or better yet, I need to dress the donkeys, sheep, pigs, etc up in them!!! Beautiful!....PS, no, we are not getting any baby pigs this year......we are waiting until our pigs are a little older, then we will get new ones....to overlap. :(
greekwitch said…
These are sooo beautiful! They are amazing! It would be great if you posted a tutorial! Lots and lots of love!
Anonymous said…
lol, theres a little MORE witch in some than others, lol,
they are truly a work of art!
Those UPS guys -- they see it ALL.
Anonymous said…
You do make fantastic hats!

I guess Your friend is someone everyone at UPS knows about by now :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
These are great hats! I wish we could find things like this in shops.
sandra said…
amy said…
the nicest I've ever seen
I agree with Sandra. I have never seen better witches hats anywhere and believe me I have looked. Just BEAUTIFUL!
lady M said…
lovely hats - I will give one a home!