A Farm Tour

 The Blog Tech and I left early on Saturday morning to go on a farm tour.  It was 40 degrees and pouring rain.  You can see that the leaves are just beginning to change.

 We went to our favorite farm first.

 I want this place.

 This fire was very welcoming because it was COLD!!!

 What a wonderful way to convert a tree stump into art.

 And when you have a tree limb like this you just have to use it.

I felt bad for the vendors. They were all freezing.
What a wonderful barn.  We didn't last long because we were soaked and freezing.  The farm tour was aborted.
 On the plus side, we found this market on our way home.

 They gave their pumpkins and gourds the cutest names.

 Pumpkin heaven.

 They had a bumper year of peppers too.  They still have fields of them growing. What a wonderful stone farmhouse in the background.

 We saw lots of nicely decorated farms as we drove through the countryside.

 And we saw some scary stuff too.

We stopped at a smoke house.

 And we just had to try the Burger King Halloween whopper.  It's not very good and it turned our teeth black.  We threw it out after we each took a bite.


Anonymous said…
such a beautiful area,, the field of peppers is amazing! The prices were good for the squash and decorating pumpkins as well,,that truck was strange lol, I have never heard of the Halloween Burger, how do hay make the bun black!
Valerie said…
I share your love of all things pumpkin--I'm hoping the rest of our pumpkins get to ripen before the hard frost comes. Thanks for sharing your journeys.
Anonymous said…
Soo many pumpkins! I have one tiny this year :-) :-)

I must say that the hamburger does look nasty, too bad it didn't at least taste good.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Great pumkins display! I love every picture here, you always upload such atmospheric pics.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Burger King! I cannot believe you of all people stopped at a fast food joint, please don't burst my bubble of you...LOL I know they are somethings you just have to try once...
greekwitch said…
Those pictures were the epitome of Autumn!! Everything was so beautiful!!!
Kay said…
What a shame the weather put a damper on things. We were wondering about the Burger King whoppers. Thank you for the warning.
Susan said…
It just goes to prove that not everything can translate well into a Halloween theme. It is a pretty scary looking burger. Too bad the weather was so lousy - I was shivering with the vendors. You live in the most amazing place - so close to so many wonderful fests.
Linda said…
Since I am allergic to beef, I was sad about not being able to get a Halloween whopper. Now, I am not so sad. Thanks for that.
Mary Ann said…
I hate to say this, but I could not even take ONE bite of that Whopper! I enjoyed the tour pictures, I missed our Kaw Valley Farm Tour this weekend, I hope I can make it next year!
The countryside, the barns, houses..and even those beautiful (cute named)pumpkins, are all amazing to me.
The whopper? I probably would have eaten the insides and thrown away the bun! ick!