Around My House

Color in my garden.     How can anyone not love this time of year?  Everything looks like a beautiful painting.              
 Teddy is constantly covered in leaves.  I have as many inside my house as I have outside.

 Flowers not yet killed by the frost.

 I picked another tiny pumpkin that was hidden under the leaves.

 Good thing the pool is closed.

 The locust has lost all of it's leaves.

 Teddy loves to drink from the cold ponds several times a day.

 My JOL is politically incorrect this year.  He is dressed in black face.

 Just when I thought I might see a light at the end of the house redo tunnel, they found more rotten wood.

 And they broke this new window in two places.  Back to the drawing board.

On a happier note, I finished making the Halloween treat bags.  What a job.  I made about 170 of them.
 My spider web window guard is painted.

My vintage owl nightlights are ready for Halloween.


Yes, marigolds always hang on right to the very end, don't they? And what a MAGNIFICENT tree!
Susan said…
I bet Teddy can hide a bushel of leaves in that furry coat! I bet knocking on your door is the highlight of the neighborhood trick-or-treaters!
Leeanna said…
You live a magical life my dear. Such beautiful trees. Envious for sure. David and I are going to look at the fire pit goodies on sale at Home Desperate this weekend. I finally got him turned around to get one.
Anonymous said…
That tree is just beautiful! The last trees who were still green are changing here now and most trees have lost most of their leafs now, too bad they don't keep them longer.

Is those bags for kids trick or treating? Well I know who I would have loved as a neighbor if I had lived on Your side of the ocean :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
The countdown is on for Halloween. Whoever gets the treats will be lucky folks. A big job for the house redo - but wow it will be good for another 100 years.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures, as usual. I agree about the painting comment. It feels like it and looks like it everywhere here. your Jack O'Lantern looks like some Poulpican laterns I saw in France.
greekwitch said…
It is a lovely time of the year!!! Your home is beautiful dressed in the brightest colors in all its Autumn glory!!
Nellie said…
Yes, it is a gorgeous time of year! We still have lots of color here. Upkeep of property is a major undertaking! Hope yours is finished soon! Those treat bags will spread lots of happiness!
Barb said…
How I love that spider window guard!! Your yard looks great! Wonderful color!
The house and yard look beautiful! As for leaves in the house...I hear ya!! Have a great autumn day.
Dog Trot Farm said… own the most amazing home...It oozes with personality!! I just love all your personal touches both inside and out...Of course Miss Teddy adds to it's class...Have a lovely day...
Sandy said…
I just realized that I have not gotten any email notifications on your posts recently. I so enjoy your recipes and save quite a few. I haven't done anything different to my email and they aren't in my Spam either. Any ideas?
The colors of your home are just beautiful. The Fall colors in the back! I can just imagine all those leaves in the pool. I've spent hours fishing leaves from a one time to thing though. :) Are the Halloween treats just for the trick or treaters that come to your home? We don't have many like we used to. I miss that!
1st Man said…
I would dress up in a costume and fly up there to knock on your door and have some of your homemade treats!!!

I love the spiderweb window guard that's so awesome.

And the foliage is spectacular.

As was said above, you live a magical life!
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! You are so ready for Halloween! That's a whole lot of treat bags! The kids will be thrilled.
chickpea678 said…
That window guard is incredible!