I thought you might like to see some Halloween appropriate bookends I have in my library.

 Why not have fun with your books?

These are antique bronze mushroom bookends.


Winter Moon said…
I love the bat book-ends and have been coveting those on etsy for a while. The witch and bronze mushroom ones are perfect, too ♥
Terrific! I used to collect bookends for a while. Still have some nice ones that I found at garage sales, etc.
greekwitch said…
I loved the one with the witch the broom and the cat!! So festive!!!
I swear, you find the most unique stuff!!!! Love it!
Anonymous said…
They are beautiful!

I have too many books to have book ends, I even have books in bags on the floor :-) It is time to give lots away I think :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I love these bookends!
Guillaume said…
And I know some great books to fit them inbetween.
Laura said…
Those are fabulous! You have the best stuff!
Those are wonderful. They look so delicate. And Laura is right. You DO have the best stuff!! :)