Copper Molds

Polished copper is so beautiful.  Years ago when I redid my kitchen, I decided to decorate it with antique French copper molds.  I bought a lot of them.
 A week or so ago, I decided it was time to polish them all.  Look at the difference between the newly polished ones and the ones waiting in line to be polished.

 As I started to rehang them I took a harder look.  You know how sometimes you can't see your own nose?

 I looked at the piles of the tarnished ones.  It takes a LOT of work to get these to shine.

 My hood over my cook top is in need of polishing too.

 So after hours/days of polishing I made the decision.

It's time to pack up most of this and give it a rest.  I have been de-cluttering my life over the last few years and this is another area that needs to be cleaned up. When I'm done with it all, I'll show you what I am keeping.  Hello walls, goodbye copper.


Wow! Now that is a lot of copper! In my early days I had a lot of copper...some molds and Revere ware. Polish, polish, polish. The end result is gratifying, but, oy, the work! Your molds are spectacular...and what a job to polish them all. I especially like the cow mold. What would they have been used for? I know that some were for cakes and some for aspic and you know what else they were used for? Amazing collection!!
laurie said…
I am astounded at the amount of molds you have, thats a lot of polishing,,
Susan said…
If there was only such a thing as self-polishing copper! Amazing collection!
They sure look nice when they're polished though. My gawd, you have a ton of them!
Texan said…
They are pretty when polished aren't they! I have been slowly de-cluttering now for the last few years. It takes forever it seems, lol. I still have stuff I am re-homing, selling, donating etc. It just takes time for sure. I am finding I like a simpler decor at this point in my life and I a lot less of everything else as well. Not to mention we will be downsizing when we retire and move so I am trying to get ahead on that!
Copper is beautiful when it is polished but oh so much workit demands to look that way! But those molds are beautiful even if theyaren't polished, they don't make things like that any more.

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
Polishing is not my thing! Have you read the book The life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo ? I'm on a simplistic wave and reading this book I was ready to let go of even more things.
Guillaume said…
I don't know why but I thought of the Golden Calf looking at the first picture.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Change is good...liberating...when something new comes into my possession something old goes to Goodwill... a win win situation...
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! That's so much work! They're sure gorgeous when they're shiny though. I guess I would do the same thing.
ChgoJohn said…
Such a fantastic and varied collection -- and a ton of work to polish! I can easily understand your need to de-clutter but I would have such a hard time deciding which would stay. I bet you remember when and where you received each one. :)
Joyce, that looks like a ton of work! Just polishing my silver it difficult and I don't have half what you have. But you are right..when it's done it is so worth it. Downsizing..I KNOW it's a good idea but so far I haven't done very well in that department. Soon...soon.. :)