Fall in the Country

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time in the country on a nice, crisp Fall day.
 All of the country markets are overflowing with pumpkins right now.

 Not too many years ago I couldn't find anything other than standard pumpkins but these days almost every market offers all sorts of varieties.

 Corn is drying and some is being cut into corn mazes.

 We came across this rowdy crowd.

 This cow was giving The Blog Tech a dirty look.

 I think she wanted a piece of him.

 So many pumpkins, too little time.

My pumpkin patch produced one tiny pumpkin the size of a baseball.  Why can't I grow one this big?


On the news recently, there was some kid who had grown a monster pumpkin. Apparently it takes 4 hours PER DAY of care and attention to get a pumpkin to grow that big. I can't possibly imagine what that would entail -- watering and pruning perhaps?
Anonymous said…
I saw that they had three pumpkins for sale in the grocery store on my way home today :-) I might be the one buying them :-) I only got one pumpkin too and in the same size as Yours :-) :-) :-) I really don't know why we failed this year, perhaps it was too hot where You live and too cold where I live?

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
We have nothing like this in NZ - It must be wonderful to see.
Mary Ann said…
I have had hit or miss luck in the past growing pumpkins. The best yield we ever had was 20 pumpkins or so that were volunteers in the compost heap! We gave most to a church for their trunk or treat that year!
Leeanna said…
Oh to be up north in the fall with all the beautiful colors and crisp cool air. The ability to wear heavy oversized sweaters and leggings with boots. Hot soup, hot chocolate, even better hot tea. Halloween that actually looks spooky at night with the leaves on the ground swirling in a breeze. *sigh*
Guillaume said…
Great choice of pumpkins!
Susan said…
I think I have permanent wilt in my garden. I'd love to grow a monster pumpkin but they take too much space and time. Love the cows!
How strange. This post just came through in my email and already there are six comments on it. It took an entire day to come to me? It's always like that. I get your posts at the end of the day..it is 9:20 pm..and it just this minute arrived! Wonder why? No matter..
the pumpkins are lovely. I have not bought a single one this October. They look wonderful!!
Amazing pumpkins!! Love your market photos; we have some amazing autumn colors in England at to moment and can't wait to make a few pumpkin recipes, starting with a cake with my daughter - enjoy autumn/ fall!:) Ozlem