Fall Weather

 This is one of the things I love most about Fall.  Open doors and windows!  It's wonderful to cook with the doors wide open. We haven't had much Fall weather here but we got two days of it over the weekend and I enjoyed every second of it. Click for a closer look at the bronze bat hanging above my door.

 I made my friend a huge platter of eggplant parmesan with the last of the seasons eggplants.

 And I made her kids a Fall treat basket with apples and homemade caramel sauce.

As The Blog Tech and I travel from festival to festival, we pick up jars of local apple butter.  This is the land of apple butter so we find it everywhere.  Yesterday I baked bread and he took it along with jars of apple butter to feed it to the kids at the local community center.  It was their first day there for this term.  None of them had ever had apple butter before and were very reluctant to try it.  But, they trust The Blog Tech so they dug in.  Now they have a new favorite snack...they loved it!  I see a lot of bread baking in my future.


Anonymous said…
It all looks delicious, and so beautifully presented, I have never made egg pant Parmesan, the kids at the community center are very lucky to have you and the Blog Tech,
what nice gifts and a wonderful thing to do.
So you and the Blog Tech are now like Johnny Appleseeds, spreading the gospel of apple butter!
Anonymous said…
I really need to see if I can find apple butter here. I would have tried to make it myself but I almost didn't get any apples this year and I don't want to use bought ones. I've read about it and it sounds delicious!

I'm not surprised the kids loved it though, even if it looks a bit strange from what I can see in photos :-)

Have a great day!
Fiona said…
Your support of the kids at the Community center is so good for them...expanding their food horizons!
Nellie said…
Delicious idea for a snack for the children! Great Fall treat basket, too! Even love the platter of eggplant!:-) Can't think of anything you've ever featured that isn't appealing, actually!:-)
Guillaume said…
It's a tad warm here, but it still looks and feels like autumn. And it is supposed to get cooler as the weekend approaches. I LOVE your basket. Apples and caramel go so well together and they are so autumnal.
Dog Trot Farm said…
You are changing lives...you are a wonderful example of a giving, caring, human being...I am thankful for all the good that you and your family due to help others...
Deb said…
You have such a wonderful heart. I made both apple and pear butter this season as we've had a good fruit year in the UK. x
I love apple butter and Fall is the perfect time to bake bread. HOW I love the month of October.