It's Halloween Week

How can it be here already?  Summer drags and drags and then bingo, it's Halloween.  I've made hundreds of treat bags and I am as ready as can be.  I'm just not ready for it to be over.
 Fall has arrived in my gardens.

 This is why I planted so many trees.  I can't get enough of the colors.

 It's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and I am having the biggest one I've had in years.


Enjoy the High Holy Holiday this week!
Cottage Tails said…
Do you have many kids knocking at your door for trick n treat? I bet they make a bee line for your house.
Wow this is a great display. I made mine smaller this year. We don't get many kids.
Have a great week
It must look spectacular when all those trees get colored!

No Thanksgiving here and No one really knows when toi celebrate Halloween here, could be next week, this weekend or any other just as long as it is before Advent :-) I'll buy some pumpkins this week and carve them on Friday I think.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Here autumn has been showing its presence since August at least. So Halloween has been on my mind even more than usual. I still think it is happening so fast.
Guillaume said…
Oh and do I need to say how gorgeous your place looks?
Mary Ann said…
Your doorway looks wonderful! I am buying candy tomorrow, we had about 20 trick or treaters last year. I'm making cookies to take to "work" on Friday.

Nellie said…
The time passes way too quickly to suit me!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What a beautiful entrance...I would love to trick or treat at your house...Do you have to tuck Teddy away when the children arrive...We would put Winslow Homer in the car and tell him he was going to Walmart...I cannot believe October is nearing it's end...I am not mentally prepared for winter...Have a lovely day...Julie...
You are right!! Where did October go? I am so ready for winter and some rain..some cold's still warm here. WAY too warm..but at least they have promised us some serious wet weather. I hope they are right but even more, I hope the powers that be are PREPARED! We have certainly had warnings.
Your front porch is ready and so is mine but it seems like I JUST got mine up...
chickpea678 said…
Everything looks so shiny and pretty!