My Halloween House

 People always associate me with Halloween but the truth is, I'm really much more into Fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween.  I used to really decorate for it when my kids were young and I threw huge Halloween parties. This was back in the days when Halloween wasn't celebrated the way it is now.  Back then it was actually hard to find Halloween decorations and I made most of my own. Halloween had almost disappeared until Martha Stewart brought it back. Now I primarily decorate for Fall but if you look close enough, you can find a bit of Halloween around my house.

 The funny thing is that my house is pretty Halloweenish all year long. I live with the things I like.  Here's a closer look at the hanging bronze bat that I showed the other day.  He's been hanging there for a dozen years..

 The green man is always on guard in front of my living room fireplace.  He comes alive when a fire is lit behind him.

 My magic wand from Salem sits on my desk all year long.

A dragon flies over a lamp.
And a bat sits on top of another.
 These black crows guard the Celtic crosses.

 And serious brooms can be found in corners all around my home.

 This human skull from my days in dentistry sits on one of my bookshelves.

 And pumpkin cookbooks and witch corkscrews take up another shelf.

 My favorite antique witch tambourine sits in front of my original set of The Equinox  (

And one of The Raven bookends holds up my collection of Kafka books from my days of studying German.  Why decorate once a year when you can live this way all the time?  Ha ha...I guess I am a bit more into Halloween than I thought.


Anonymous said…
That hanging bat is so cool! But I like all of it!

Halloween is getting bigger here but for most it is just a day to get drunk on, no one here really knows why it is celebrated :-)
Have a great day!
Adrienne said…
I also noticed you have bat drawer pulls on the chest in front of your stairway.
Guillaume said…
I love, love, LOVE your Halloween house.
I hope your other Raven bookend is holding up a collection of Poe's works!
Cottage Tails said…
Love your decorating all year and at the change of the season. We are getting ready to plant pumpkins - you would love it.
Joy said…
What a magical house, Joyce! It will be so strange this year to be in Australia and NOT have pumpkins as it's our spring/summer season. However, I have seen some Halloween costumes and decorations in stores. Strange!
greekwitch said…
I didn't know you were a dentist! I would have guessed a chef, but I guess it's too obvious. I know what you mean by the way, my house looks kinda Halloween-y pretty much all year long, because of all the witch stuff. But since we don't have Halloween here I come off weird all year long. Lol!
Lots of love!
Kay said…
You have the most interesting, beautiful house around. My daughter and granddaughter are big into Halloween. Just decorated the front porch and getting her costume ready for the big day.
I'm with Christer..I loved that bat! All of your Halloween things and your entire home is fascinating to me. And actually, so are you! :)
I have never known anyone who can do as many things as you can and and do them WELL! Love it! :)
ChgoJohn said…
I would love to accompany a 6 year old when s/he first enters your home. The facial expressions as each of these items are discovered would be priceless. :)
Mary Ann said…
I love your house at Halloween!
Jim said…
You could charge admission!!
Love this.