A Halloween Present

I was surprised when a box arrived in the mail the day before Halloween. A sweet present from 1st and 2nd man who write one of my favorite blogs:  http://twomenandalittlefarm.blogspot.com/  What a thoughtful gift, thanks so much guys!  I would have posted it sooner but I've caught the horrible cold going around.I feel like my lungs light up each time I cough. 
There were two terrific witch towels in the box along with a maple syrup cookbook.

And the cutest pair of witch shoe tealight holders.

And a glow-in-the-dark shopping bag!  Thoughtful gifts are always the best ones.

I saw this patch on someone's blog recently (sorry, I forget where I saw it) and hunted down a few for myself.  Cool, eh?


Hexe said…
Wow, what a fantastic gift! I need that patch ;). I so love everything witchy. My sister and I joke that she is Glinda the good witch (she always liked her) and I say I am the wicked witch of the north as I live north of her. So we have a lot of fun with that. I send her Glinda things and she sends me witchy things. I don't think she knows though I am a witch at heart :). I don't tell anyone to be truthful. Too conservative around here.

Thanks for the fun blog. I've been a long time reader.
Sandra Dean said…
Wonderful gifts!!!! Very thoughtful and I LOVE those towels, along with everything else of course ;]!
What perfect gifts for you -- those boys have your number alright, LOL! It was on my blog that you saw that patch -- I'm thrilled you were able to find them for sale somewhere and acquire them!
Oh my goodness what perfect gifts to get this time of the year.
Anonymous said…
What a perfect gift!

So You have the nasty cold now, I feel so sorry for You! I hope it is the short lived one and not the one I still have.

Take care!
Susan said…
How wonderful! I love those tea lights! Hope you feel better soon - the cold going around here is indeed nasty.
Guillaume said…
Absolutely gorgeous gifts!
Kay said…
Those are absolutely fabulous gifts! How kind of them to send them to you. I have just returned from Chicago, Pennsylvania and Maryland where we visited our children for over a month. I came home with a nasty cold. I also got sick while I was there. In fact, lots of people were getting sick. This is a difficult year. We loved Halloween on the mainland though. It's so much more festive and colorful and spirited than here in Hawaii. I think you need all the fall colors and temperatures to get the real feel of Halloween.
You are the queen of sending thoughtful gifts....so happy to see them coming back at you!!! Great patch!
1st Man said…
You are loved, that's all we know. :-)

Hope you feel better.
chickpea678 said…
That patch sure seems to describe you to a "t". What a wonderful surprise that came to you in the mail!