A Peek at the New House

I've had a busy 5 months around here with my house being worked on.  What I haven't talked about is that I am redoing an old house I bought a while ago for The Blog Tech and his sweetie.  It still has a long way to go but it's finally at the point where I can give you a peek. This is a small place that was built in the 40's and it has virtually no architectural interest at all.  So, I've had to give it some.  Next time I take photos I will use a different lens to get pictures that are more proportionate.  For example, this wall unit is 153" X 77'.  It is huge. I had the floors refinished by a bunch of fly by night floor gypsies.  I'm lucky they turned out as well as they did.  They will need a final buffing before move in day.
A small dining room. The window treatments are being installed tomorrow.                                                      
My absolute favorite part of this project is these doors.  This tiny house has 12 doors and they were all those old ugly slab doors with nasty hardware.  I was going to replace them but I almost had a heart attack when I got the estimate. The old doors were original to the house so though they were super ugly, they were built well and fit perfectly.  So I added the trim that you see and bought fabulous Emtek glass egg door knobs and placed them on polished nickel back plates.
 I had the doors painted with Benjamin Moore onyx satin paint. I love love love them! And they cost a fraction of the price that new doors would have cost.

 This exterior door in the kitchen will be painted black and have matching hardware too.  I bought this glass piece years ago in Maine and I think it will really pop when the door is finished.

 I just had this old Habersham Plantation piece refinished.  It was an ugly maroon color and I had it done in black paint and had the drawer fronts, the top and shelves done in java stain.  I polished the original brass and voila...a new piece! Vintage Royal Doulton Carlyle china adds an elegant touch displayed on it.

 A nice little kitchen with black granite counter tops and a silver tile black splash.

 A chrome bridge faucet and another glass piece from Maine.

 Here is another favorite piece, a ships signal lamp.  This is a fun lamp to have here since the house looks out over a river.  They can send signals to boats traveling on the river.  So, just a little look at my newest project.  there will be more to come as I wrap it up.  But for right now, the rest of the place looks like this....

 And like this.....

 Stay tuned.


petoskystone said…
Wow! Those Maine pieces are gorgeous. Beautiful job on those doors as well.
Ian's Girl said…
Oh you did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see the rest of it!
Anonymous said…
I have a vague memory of You showing the outside of this place rather long ago? Am I right?

It looks great and that glass piece is fantastic! Like You say it will pop when the door is black! I would like counter tops like that too!

The lamp is just cool :-)

Looking forward to see more!

Have a great day!
It looks like a charming little love nest!
Guillaume said…
this looks gorgeous and I envy you for having such a nice place.
chickpea678 said…
Wow, that is a lovely place! You have such great knowledge for and skill at renovation!
1st Man said…
How wonderful is this!!! Are you doing this as a gift to them or just 'cause? Either way you're pretty special for that. Nicely done! LOVE the doors and knobs, so beautiful.
The house looks beautiful, I love the doors, they're stunning. I wish I lived there. Its twice the size of my house. :)
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Susan said…
I am speechless. It's not everyday that one reads about the gift of a house. And not only a house - a JOYCE house! Woohoo! I assume that there some big news going along with this wonderful gift?
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! This is absolutely incredible! You are the most talented interior designer ever!