Feeding the Kids

 A few days ago I baked a lot of bread and sent it with jars of local apple butter to the kids for their after school snack.  They sure have become apple butter fans.

 Yesterday I made them a meat and cheese platter and sent it along with crackers for their snack.

 I also made them a big container of pumpkin pie dip that was served with schnickerdoodles and gingersnaps.
They sent me these.  One of the kids said....."I wish I could pay you for the time and effort you put into the amount of cooking you do for us.  The food is always wonderful and we appreciate it, me expecially because there are times when I miss meals at home but never went hungry because you always manage to whip something up for us."    Another kid said...." Thank you J-dog for the fantastic food you make for us.  Keep it coming!!!!  

I love these kids!


J-dog! That's your new handle, eh? I think Teddy would approve! Oh, pardon me, T-dog would approve.
Anonymous said…
I had to check what schnickerdoodles are and it seems a lot of dogs and cats are called that because most photos shown on google pictures were photos of dogs and cats :-) :-)

You know Your work is apreciated when You get a nick name J-dog :-)

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
J-dog, so cute! They sound like wonderful kids. Most wouldn't take the time to send a thank you note. These kiddos are worth more than the work you put forth for them. They really love what you do.
Susan said…
I know you don't do it for the accolades, but it sure is nice to know your many (delicious) efforts are appreciated.
Ahh those are the sweetest words! Reading this just makes my day better. Kindness is still appreciated
I am so hungry just looking at your food. Could you share the recipes,please?
Guillaume said…
They won't go hungry!
Nellie said…
Wonderful gifts you are giving those children! They will remember this all their lives! You are truly making a difference!
Dee said…
You, my dear, are an angel!
Claudia Turgut said…
You are fabulous, Joy! What amazing things you manage to make for these kids - you truly deserve those thank you letters. Good for you!
chickpea678 said…
Should we start calling you J-dog? :p

Joyce, are the children from private school..or public school? Have they stopped having Cafeteria's in schools? I know a lot of things have changed..but I did wonder about that. I have always thought it would be great if children's had free lunches at school... I remember envying children that had lunch tickets..and I would see their trays loaded with mac and cheese and jello salads and fresh fruits. What you send to them is just plain magical...they will never forget your food. Mostly your will to share what you have. Wish the world was FILLED with folks like you that shared their good fortune. Thank heaven's for the ones that do.
Anonymous said…
That is amazing food you are sending off to someone. Would like to hear who these children are. I just assumed, when I started reading, that they were your grandchildren as it looks to be the type of thing grandmas do.